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This is a vintage heart pendant with a real 4 leaf clover inside that is also the home of who I named Clovina.  I gave her this name because she is green and brings you green in all ways. She helps to make you healthy,she is good in the garden and also a birthing fairy. She brings wealth in all ways.


Personality is that of a quiet but happy little winged person. She is with out mood swings! She wants a home with children or to be with someone who can be around children. She loves the out doors but if your in a area that is mainly inside a few well placed plants will be more then fine for her,just keep one near a window.


Animals,she loves them and they lover her. She will often ride on the back of both cats and dogs and looks at birds as we do airplanes!.


To communicte with her you would do so as you would anyone in your home. Give her an area to stay in for rest. Give her a few offerings of flowers or honey and oranges she loves too! She does have her own life though and will often have others over for company. While this may seem odd those that do show up are of white light and will often offer to help you if they think you need it. I have seen unicorns show up as well as human spirits that in life could see her. She has a very talented group of friends. They never stay long,a few hours or so but visit her at least once a week. Not knowing what was going on I asked.


Clovina is not her real name but her real ame is very hard to pronounce so calling her Clovina is fine. When I asked her about the mystical ones that often did visit her she told me it was because she is also midwife of all mystical and talented creatures so I guess that explains it. She told me with every delivery she gains a new power for her own use but that she does not take it,it is just always given,it's just how it goes.


Clovina has been around a very long time and in our years whould be about 400 plus years old but she looks all of 25. Twenty five she said is the age they all remain at as far as looks go. Those that do as she does anyway. This is because at 25 when they become a birthing fairy and midwife with every delivery not only do they gain power but an energy is placed into them that stops the ageing process. This too can be passed onto you.


Clovina is one of the most interesting fairies I have come across and she is also willing to share so much information and knowledge with you. Good luck on getting her.