The Dighton Star Walkers

The Dighton Star Walkers

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The Dighton Rock is known for its puzzling petroglyphs.  IT is one of the most perplexing mysteries to have shown up in Massachusetts in the known history of the United States of America.  It is a forty ton boulder that once poke out of the Taunton River in very close proximity to the town of Dighton in Massachusetts.  So you are asking yourself... "What is so special about a rock?" Well, the writing that is on the rock has been subject to speculation for close to 300 years.  Investigators and scientists alike have attempted to solve the mysteries of the rock, but have continued to come up empty handed.  The first attempt to crack the code was in the 1680s when the English colonist who found the rock was unsuccessful.  

State officials, recognizing that the rock's history might be worth something if they ever determine exactly what is written on the rock.  Thus, they removed the rock in 1963 and dedicated a state park to the rock in 1980, called the Dighton Rock State Park.  Presently, the rock remains in the museum there just as mysterious as it was when it was first discovered in the 17th Century. 

Theories that surround the existence of rock include anything from visits from the ancient Phoenicians to the landings and astral visitors.  However, all of these theories are wrong, save for those who actually believed that the carvings came from Native Americans.  Even those who believe the Native American theory still have yet to crack the case, so it appears that nobody will ever reap the reward of what these glyphs actually mean.  That is, of course, unless you obtain this exclusive Haunted Curiosities item.  

This item has been made during an original investigation during which Deedee and I drove up to Massachusetts to investigate the rock for ourselves.  There is no denying that the rock gives off a certain type of energy.  This energy is in pure form and has no negative or positive connotations.  It is simply energy and you can feel it buzz through your body like the caffeine rush you get after chugging four cups of Sumatra at your morning coffee break. 

When you know the right people, you can pull the right strings and this is how we were able to get into the Museum after hours.  Of course, they have a night watchman, but he wasn't much of an issue and left us go about our business uninterrupted.  Psychically Deedee knew that she could pull the information out of the rock that she needed and we brought this piece so we would have a piece to place the powers of the rock into, if we found any; and indeed we did.  

We found the rock to contain ancient Native American spells that have been written out into the rock.  This magic is proof the ancients were very spiritual people and that the spirit journeys they went on were not just a result of some really good peyote they were smoking.  Rather, this magic will prove to you that this magic is very real and very alive.  We syphoned the powers from the rock to set into this piece and now the piece is yours for the taking.  

This piece will transform you into a being that has been recorded as a Star Walker.  I know this doesn't sound like a very sophisticated name or even better like something out of a George Lucas film, but this is what the ancients called them.  This will allow you to undergo a spiritual transformation that will allow your inner being to leave your body.  You can use the power in this piece too project your being into the astral realms.  There are no limits on the way you use this piece and you can literally project yourself into any plain or realm of existence that you want to.  All you have to do when wearing this piece is imagine the place to where you want to be projected.  Clear your mind, allow it to travel and sooner or later you will be on your way to where you want go. 

This piece will act a sponge for any magic or powers you might pick up along the way and will keep them safe for you until you return to the mortal realm, where you will be able to manifest these powers in your every day life.  This piece is very powerful because not only does it allow astral projection, but it does so from a Native standpoint and we all know that the Natives held the most powers, whether we are talking Native Americans or the Natives of the Orient-- those who were here first understand the land better and develop the strongest powers.  This is why you don't want to pass on this piece!