The Dangling Man of Eternal Wealth

The Dangling Man of Eternal Wealth

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I’m sure that most of you reading this have heard of the famous shrunken heads of Jivaro.  By this process the head of a warrior’s enemy was shrunken down into a necklace that he could wear.  The more heads that you had, the better of a warrior you were to be considered.  Makes sense right?  These shrunken heads have long been known to bring powers to those who wear them.  People are born with powers or else they seek them out in their lifetime.  Whatever the case may be, their powers remain with them when their head is shrunken

This piece is the ultimate representation of shrunken heads.  It was obtained by Christopher Columbus on one of his voyages to Latin America.  Since he was bankrolled by Queen Isabella of Spain, this is where the shrunken head ended up, despite the fact that no record of this was ever kept.  The reason is because it was considered treasonous against the Roman Catholic church for such relics to exist.  Being excommunicated from the church in those days pretty much meant your life was over, so you can understand why they didn’t celebrate this relic out in the open.  

The relic that Columbus brought back to Queen Isabella is an original head, smaller than most, because it just kept shrinking.  It’s hair fell out and most of its facile features have been erased over time.  Having said that the basic form of this shrunken head has remained the same, as in it hasn’t gotten any smaller, for the last one-hundred years or so.  

The head was made by a shaman in a ceremony that was actually frequent among the shaman elite in those days. Involved an intoxicating drink that they would partake of.  This drink would release the soul from their body and allow him to travel into the realm of the heavens, where the gods would give the shaman one secret.  This secret was then brought back to be shared with the rest of the village or tribe.  Of course there was plenty of fire and dancing to accommodate these rituals.  

This particular time, the Shaman came back from his journey still possessed by the Jaguar God of Wealth.  The Jaguar God was considered to be the central God in those parts of the world, but he manifested himself in many different forms.  The Shaman, having been possessed by the Jaguar God of Wealth, spewed secrets about how to obtain eternal wealth.  Not just wealth that you can gain while you are in human form, but wealth that will follow you into the afterlife that way when you get their, you can still use your wealth powers to gain eternal and immortal riches.  

The Shaman, in due process, was sacrificed and his head was turned into one of the shrunken heads and was worn by his predecessor for years.  The head brought its tribe considerable luck and prosperity for its tenure among the tribe.  It was eventually confiscated by Christopher Columbus in the name of religion and brought back to Queen Isabella who used it to substantially grow her wealth.  This piece was passed down the bloodline, eventually falling into the hands of King Philip II, who used these powers to become the wealthiest and most powerful king in world.  Riches from the New World poured in.  The Spanish Armada was nearly infallible.  This was until King Philip somehow allowed the head to become lost.  The Spanish Armada was defeated.  He was still rich, but Spain’s wealth began to decline rapidly.  It was England that would take over as the new head honchos, lending to the suspicion that England has somehow caught on and sent a spy into to confiscate the item under the radar.  

This piece is said to have existed in the hands of Elizabeth Bathory for a short period of time, as well as those of Napoleon Bonaparte.  The House of Windsor has definitely seen the likeness of this piece, as have many of the new age “dictators” who hide in the face of democracy.  They are capitalist scum who rule the world.  They have used this piece to advance and better-- sometimes even create their positions of authority over the Free World.

Please don’t ask me how we got this piece because I am not a liberty to divulge this secret.  The fact is that we have it and we have had it for a little while at that.  We have tested this piece in just about any situation that you can think of.  It literally brings wealth into every aspect of your life.  You will enjoy living in the lap of luxury, as this piece single-handedly will catapult you into wealth and success.  What’s more is that it will not end when this life ends.  This entity will stay with you, even in the afterlife, assuring you an honorable spot in the afterlife, bringing you eternal wealth-- whatever that may look like in the spiritual realms.  The head will talk to you while in mortal form, telling you what you must do in order to maintain the wealth that he brings you.  He will give you advice, he will tell you the future, and sometimes you can ask him questions and he will give you the answers.  Once you are in the afterlife, you will be able to come face to face with him, where he will act as your spirit guide as well.  This is just an overall incredible piece that you don’t want to miss your chance on.  We only have one of them, so you better get on it!!