The Ba'al Shem's Secret Familiar

The Ba'al Shem's Secret Familiar

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Sometimes disaster strikes, and when it does, the results can be detrimental.  Take the plague for instance, it showed up due to rats sanitary issues in the 14th Century.  It wiped out a very large portion of humanity, among them was this young girl named Gordana.  Originally a Belgian girl, she was very young when the plague first set it.  Unfortunately, Gordana’s parents both died before she did.  She was sent to live with distant relatives who pretty much treated her like a red-headed step-child.  She was rather young, so she still didn’t have a full understanding of what was going on.  When she first caught plague, she just remembers getting sick.  It didn’t take long for the illness to infect her young body and it wasn’t long after that she was dead.

Gordana is a spiritual anomaly though.  Because of her young age and her misconception of what it actually meant to die, young Gordana’s soul never really passed over to the other side.  She is kind of stuck in a spiritual limbo, where she exists half in the mortal realm and half in the spiritual realm.  This means that she can communicate with those humans that she chooses to show herself to, as well as any spirit or soul from the afterlife.

Gordana first became noticed when she was summoned by the Ba’al Shem during his stay in London.  Her spiritual presence is quite powerful and this is why he channeled her.  The innocence of her death makes for the perfect crossover between the dead and the living.  Having control of her soul meant that the Ba’al Shem could suddenly have access to the afterlife and all the souls or spirits that existed therein.

The result was that Gordana became the Ba’al Shem’s medium.  He used her to contact many different spirits and souls for many different people.  I’m not even sure what piece he used to conjure her presence, but what I do know is that her presence is currently in this item.  She lives in the heart of this piece and can be called forth by whomever owns the item.  I don’t know how her presence was placed into this item, but it was.  We got it from a customer who sent it to us because he didn’t have a use for it anymore.  

Using this piece, you will gain Gordana as your personal spiritual familiar and spirit guide.  Trust me, she has grown in her knowledge and experience since she first became a soul.   Using this item, you can communicate with whatever soul that you choose to, because Gordana has unlimited access to the spiritual realms and realm of souls.  You can use Gordana to communicate with any number of spiritual entities that you choose to.  She can even allow you to see into the spiritual realms by passing through her body and allowing you to exist in soul form.  

This can come in handy for any number of reasons.  You can use this piece to communicate with souls and spirits to gain their knowledge and powers.  You can communicate with the spirits to have them do your bidding.  You can use this piece to conjure the presence of your lineage to find out out where your bloodline lies or to communicate with a past loved one who you have seen since death.  You can use this piece to summon angels, who live in the spiritual world, to grant you powers or to grant miracles.  You can summon entities in their soul form such as vampires, djinn, faeries, etc.  This piece has unlimited potential, you just have to think outside of the box.  It is very powerful.  This is your chance!!