Thousands of Immortal Eyes

Thousands of Immortal Eyes

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The most powerful kind of witch is the kind that is immortal.  It just makes sense.  Not only is the witch a powerful entity, but she gets to spend years upon years strengthening and building her magic.  There are millions of types of powers that can be found in the natural world on the Earth around us and this is just the powers on the Earth  If the witch can realized that there are many other types of powers through the entirety of existence, she can grow her power even more.  Some of them move on to otherworldly powers, gaining the powers of the universe and other realms of existence.  These are called astral witches and this is the kind of immortal witch that we are offering with this piece.  Her presence has been conjured into this piece and she comes to you when you use it.  

This witch has a very unique familiar, if you ask me.  Most of the time you see witches using cats or crows or barn owls as their familiars.  This one has taken the form of the peacock.  This is because her enchanted familiar has a very special gift.  It holds what we are going to call astral eyes.  This wasn’t always the case, the witch and her familiar kind of grew together in this magic and they have proven to be a very powerful partnership.  

If you have seen a peacock you will know that is eyes on its feathers.  Not actual eyes like humans have, but more like spiritual esoteric eyes that can see things that humans cannot.  The eyes on this bird are called astral eyes, because each eye allows the witch to see into a different realm of reality.  These realms exist anywhere from seeing into a past time here on Earth, to seeing into present times in world’s that are light years away from us.  

The point of seeing into other realms of existence is simple, and I’m sure you could’ve guessed.  Each realm holds ancient powers, which is why the eyes of this peacock are attracted to the realms they are in the first place.  When the witch takes the shape of her familiar, she also has the ability to see into these other realms and planes of existence.  It has helped her to bring back amazing sources of powers and magnificent sources of wealth.  Whether extraterrestrial or terra firma, the magic that she encounters is very powerful!!  

This piece conjures the witch, who will share her knowledge with you.   She will also give you a few basic power such as psychic awakening and the ability to cast any spell that you want.  However, the real prize is going to come when you gain the ability to exist as the witch’s familiar.  You will be able to see through the thousands of eyes that her peacock familiar has.  These thousands of eyes will allow you to see into thousands of places, where there will be different powers to behold.  You can literally gain any power that you want to gain by using this piece.  

By giving you a psychic awakening, you will be able to communicate with the peacock, who can then help you see through the eyes that will bring you the power that you wish to gain.  In this manner, you will literally be able to obtain any power that you choose to obtain, no matter what it may be.