Dueling Fairies

Dueling Fairies

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This piece was found during an investigation in New Jersey.  It was found deep in the pine barrens after some locals began reporting strange sightings in the woods.  These sightings included seeing strange lights and hearing strange voices.  This is nothing new to this area of New Jersey, which is famous for the Jersey Devil.  There are a whole bunch of weird things that go on in these woods and we have listed a bunch of items that we have found as a result of doing investigations there.  

I know that this says that we were on investigation, and technically we were.  However, the investigation was precipitated by our own weird sighting in the woods.  When we travel there is this long stretch of woods that we have to go through to go virtually anywhere we want to get.  I have often told Deedee that these woods are super creepy.  They just give me that feeling.

One night we were returning from somewhere, I can’t remember where, but it was extra dark this night for some reason.  Maybe it was a new moon   Most of the stars are blocked out due to the trees.  It was utter darkness.  I was staring at the tree as usual, when Deedee slammed on the brakes nearly sending me through the window.  Immediately she yelled, “Did you see that?”  But it was too late, I was already watching the pale light run through the woods.  We both got out of the car and chased after the entity in through the woods.  We ran deeper and deeper, chasing after the entity at hand.  The entity was super fast and it go away from us, but we did come to a small clearing in the woods where we found a little living quarters.

The living quarters was almost like a campsite, except slightly more accommodating.  We rummaged around for a while.  Off to the side of the campsite, we found some supplies that what we had stumbled upon was a witch encampment.  We found stones, sage, other herbs, some fingers in a jar, a spellbook bound in human flesh and a few vials of blood among other stuff.  Among the supplies that we found was this ring.  This ring is a golden color with two pink roses.  The item is was not old.  On the contrary after testing it, we determined that the item was recently made fresh. We could tell from the energy radiating from the piece.  

After testing this piece, we concluded that this piece was made by the entity that we encountered in the woods, who was most likely some kind of witch or other mystical entity.  We never could really tell exactly what the entity was, because we couldn't catch it.  We did confiscate this piece though.  We call this item a dueling fairy ring, because it contains the presence of both a dark fairy and a light fairy.  These fairies have been given all the powers of their creator, which is a ton of magic and abilities.  

The entity must have been dual in nature, because this is why the ring contains two flowers.  One flower holds the fairy of light.  The other holds the dark fairy that holds all of the dark magic.  The result is a dual magic ring that will pretty much do any magic that you ask of it.  This power will come on strong and very powerful.  This is because the dark fairy is constantly trying to prove his magic is more powerful and vice versa.  This is another reason why we call this piece deuling.  They are locked in a constant battle to prove that their powers are stronger.  

The result is that you win.  You can ask these entities for any power that you win.  You can ask these fairies for anything that you want-- white, dual, or dark.  They will search their arsenal and present the magic to you.  If they don’t have it, they will search for it, because they don’t want to be outperformed by their rival.  The results are incredible.  It is a very quick working, on demand piece that allows you to manifest powers as you want or need as you want or need them!