Three-fold Asian Eye of Riches

Three-fold Asian Eye of Riches

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When it comes to prosperity, who couldn’t use a pick me up?  Well, okay, maybe the people you see on television and at red carpet galas don’t need help, but even they had to start somewhere.  This piece is your start.  It is everything you’ve been waiting for and more.  Admittedly, there were no crazy investigations that we had to go on in order to make this item.  Rather, we used a conjuring item to conjure the presence of three very affluent Asian wealth deities.  They are deities that have been being summoned for their incredible powers for centuries upon centuries.  

There is not much more to say about this item, because wealth is the name of the game when it comes to this piece.  With these three deities wealth will not just come into your life, it will chase after you like a lost puppy.  This is how powerful the conjuration of these three deities at once is.  So… without further ado, these are the three deities whose powers you will be receiving in the perfect fusions of a wealth trinity!!  

Kuan Kung--  He is a very popular wealth God.  He is the protector of the oppressed, in this case the financially oppressed.  He has been known to guard businessmen in all of their financial decision making, in order to make them all profitable.  In the same way, he will guard your life and assure that wealth is assimilated into your life in vast quantities.  He will assure that nothing bad happens to the wealth you gain and will protect your wealth for ages to come.

Mi Lo Foh-- He is also known as the Laughing Buddha of Abundant Happiness.  He is in charge of bringing prosperity and wealth luck to all.  Images of this buddha are often seen in businesses and shops because of the extreme wealth that he is known to bring.  He will also loves to pick up all your troubles and problems.  He keeps them in a huge calico bag that he carries with in.  In return, he transforms all the bad that is in your life into abundant happiness

Xi Wang Mu--  She goes by the name Queen of the West and symbolizes all life aspirations.  These include a health and prosperous long life.  She assures that you will live a healthy life to enjoy the quantities of wealth that she is going to give you.  She will also bring you fame and recognition, Those who are really looking to take a career to the next level, this piece is for you.  Whether you are struggling musician or an actor that can't land a role.  This piece will help you become wildly successful and wealth.