Order of the Arcanum:  the Arcane Self

Order of the Arcanum: the Arcane Self

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There is an extremely powerful group of Bulgarian Wizards that are called the Order of the Arcanum.  They do let newer members in, but the majority of these wizards come from the Old Order, which means they come from the Dark Ages.  Modern governments are not the only ones with secrets to hide.  During the Dark Ages, the Bulgarian empire was extremely successful in expanding its border to include a big chunk of the European continent.  Sure, they did this through military might; however, they also had a secret operation in which they trained operatives in the ways of the Arcane Arts, to develop magic that could be used in warfare.

These magic that these wizards were able to develop brought great success to the Bulgarian Empire.  Unfortunately, when the Bulgarians adopted Christianity as their national religion, this band of magically induced soldiers was disbanded, some of them even imprisoned for their use of magic.  The soldiers maintained a loose connection to one another until there was a secret meeting of the most powerful and the Order of the Arcanum was created.  It served as a place where the wizards, who were bred by the Bulgarian government in the first place, could come to practice their magic, where they’d be safe.  

They began making magical pieces that they could put their magic into.  This way they could share their magic with one another and also with those who are not part of the Arcanum.  The order exists until this very day, but they still exist in secret, because their magic is so powerful. These days they meet in secret at a secret temple called the Archos.  If I’m being honest I don’t know where the Archos is located.  I just know that it is located somewhere in Europe and I’m pretty sure that’s where the French electronics company gets its name from.  I mean, think about it, is developing electric and computers and electronics nothing more than manipulating the energies around us to get what we want, i.e. pictures, sounds, wireless communication, etc??  It’s all relative.  

Anyhow, the Archos is where the Order of the Arcanum meet in secret. It is also where they keep their most powerful magical items that have been created by the wizards of the Arcanum.  Recently, we scored a collection of these pieces at an underground auction in Virginia somewhere.  I can’t say whether or not these items were supplied by the Arcanum or if they have been taken .  I would tend to say the latter, because these pieces aren’t given out like that because it takes a lot of magic to make them.  This is merely speculation, though.  

There are only one of these items, which is sterling silver and depicts two wizards holding the same crystal ball.  The two wizards are one in the same, it's just that one wizard is in mortal form and the other is his Arcane Self.  The crystal ball is the vessel in which the magic is held.  The magic is called the Arcane Self or the Alchemy of the Self.  It is a common misconception that I have always tried to debunk when possible that alchemy only had to do with metal.  Of course, changing copper to gold is a great way to get wealthy very quickly, but when alchemy was first developed, it had nothing to do with changing base metals into precious ones.  Instead, the whole point of alchemy was the transformation of the soul.  

Our mortal bodies are nothing more than a uniform that is being worn in the mortal world.  There are many different things that you can do, but it requires the ability for the soul to break free from its mortal form.  Somewhere along the lines humans have forgotten how this works.  They have turned their heads from magic for multiple reasons-- disbelief, religious persecution, whatever the case may be.

This piece holds a soul alchemy that will allow your soul to break free from your mortal vessel.  What you do after this happens is up to you.  This piece can precipitate any kind of soul transformation-- the kind of metaphysical changes that will allow you to take any other form that you choose (animate or inanimate), travel through time, travel to any place in existence (where you will inevitably come in contact with other beings and gain their powers), to become like a god on earth (to be able to create any power), to see through the eyes of the creator (and to know all things), to become immortal, or to possess the body of any other living being (to gain their knowledge, magic and power).  These are just a few of the things that this piece can allow you to do through the alchemy of the soul.  It can allow you to virtually accomplish anything you want, the only thing that you have to rely on is your imagination!