Order of the Arcanum:  Destinal Cosmology (2)
Order of the Arcanum:  Destinal Cosmology (2)

Order of the Arcanum: Destinal Cosmology (2)

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There is an extremely powerful group of Bulgarian Wizards that are called the Order of the Arcanum.  They do let newer members in, but the majority of these wizards come from the Old Order, which means they come from the Dark Ages.  Modern governments are not the only ones with secrets to hide.  During the Dark Ages, the Bulgarian empire was extremely successful in expanding its border to include a big chunk of the European continent.  Sure, they did this through military might; however, they also had a secret operation in which they trained operatives in the ways of the Arcane Arts, to develop magic that could be used in warfare.

These magic that these wizards were able to develop brought great success to the Bulgarian Empire.  Unfortunately, when the Bulgarians adopted Christianity as their national religion, this band of magically induced soldiers was disbanded, some of them even imprisoned for their use of magic.  The soldiers maintained a loose connection to one another until there was a secret meeting of the most powerful and the Order of the Arcanum was created.  It served as a place where the wizards, who were bred by the Bulgarian government in the first place, could come to practice their magic, where they’d be safe.  

They began making magical pieces that they could put their magic into.  This way they could share their magic with one another and also with those who are not part of the Arcanum.  The order exists until this very day, but they still exist in secret, because their magic is so powerful. These days they meet in secret at a secret temple called the Archos.  If I’m being honest I don’t know where the Archos is located.  I just know that it is located somewhere in Europe and I’m pretty sure that’s where the French electronics company gets its name from.  I mean, think about it, is developing electric and computers and electronics nothing more than manipulating the energies around us to get what we want, i.e. pictures, sounds, wireless communication, etc??  It’s all relative.  

Anyhow, the Archos is where the Order of the Arcanum meet in secret. It is also where they keep their most powerful magical items that have been created by the wizards of the Arcanum.  Recently, we scored a collection of these pieces at an underground auction in Virginia somewhere.  I can’t say whether or not these items were supplied by the Arcanum or if they have been taken .  I would tend to say the latter, because these pieces aren’t given out like that because it takes a lot of magic to make them.  This is merely speculation, though.  

When you sit back and think about it, time is not really a thing.  I mean, it can be a thing only because we, as humans, have made it a thing.  This is because we are in such need of control over everything that we have to define things by our own terms and try to make things fit around our own agenda.  What if there was no such thing as time?  If everybody wasn’t an age?  What is an hour?  Or 365 days?  They are symbols that are created only within the human mind.  The rest of existence-- and I do mean the rest of existence-- does not abide by these silly rules of time.  Of course there is a past, present, and future.  These are the only three points in time that are relevant.  Something is either happening, it has happened, or it’s going to happen.  

Our focus here is on the “going to happen,” aspect.  People like to sit around and think that they can control their own future.  Oh, I’ll get a good job to have financial security.  Oh don’t worry, I’m going to stockpile food, so that way I’ll never be hungry.  I’m going to leave early, so I’ll be right on time (there’s that word again!).  What people neglect to realize that is existence is on a path of destiny.  All things work together in existence as part of a whole.  Thing happen for a reason, so that other things happen and so on and so forth.  It’s called Destinal Cosmology, the powers of which are dictated by the life force that is at the center of existence.  It is the same life force to which your soul belongs and which sees and knows all things.  

The only way to truly affect your destiny is alter the Destinal Cosmology as it pertains to you.  For instance, your destiny has been prescribed.  In order to change it, you must manipulate the powers of the Destinal Cosmology to reflect what you want to experience in life.  If you are poor, you can change your Destinal Cosmology to reflect a vast amount of wealth in your destiny, your future, what is “going to happen”.  If you are talentless and unknown, you can change your Destinal Cosmology to reflect a specific talent that you want and fame if you want that also.  You can literally alter this energy to reflect anything that you want in your life a.k.a. your destiny.  

How do you do this?  That’s what these pieces are for. These pieces are both sterling silver that depict a wizard clutching an authentic crystal ball.  The crystal ball holds the power that will allow you to change your Destinal Cosmology.  This allows you to manipulate your destiny, to write your own story, to place into your life anything that you want to place into it.  Literally anything!!  Say you want to transform into a vampire.  This piece can do that!  Want to become like a god?  This piece can do that to!!! Want to have enough kids to make your own baseball team?? I’d advise that you think about that long and hard, but this piece can do that also.  You can cure your own illnesses, assure your good health, write in true love, or wealth.  Whatever it is that you want manifested in your life, all you have to do is manipulate your Destinal Cosmology and it will come to pass.  Remember, you may not be able to control what has happened or what is currently happening, but with this piece the “going to happen” is in your full control!!