An Original Black Moon Witch
An Original Black Moon Witch

An Original Black Moon Witch

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The Temple of the Moon was created 1500 years ago by the Incan Empire.  It sits close to the summit of a mountain called Huayna Picchu.  The site consists of many elegant designs of those times, including fakes doors that lead to nowhere, seats to sit in, and observation chambers.  The complex as a whole serves a ceremonial temple that is dedicated to the powers and energies that the moon has to offer.  

Fast-forward a few thousand years and you will have found us on an investigation at the very same site.  These days the Temple of the Moon has been left desolate and no longer used.  The best attention it gets is as being among the most fascinating ruins that were left behind by the Incan empire, but the fact that it is a 45 minute walk down a mountain trail, excludes a lot of people from even venturing to witness the splendor of the temple.

We ventured to the temple, but in true Haunted Curiosity fashion, it was at night.  We had flashlights, of course, but it was still recommended that we didn't go.  You never know what kind of danger lay ahead on a trail when you are surrounded by complete wilderness.  Then, there's the fact that we weren't even supposed to be there after sundown, but that didn't stop us.  We figured if we really wanted to capture the essence of the Moon Temple, we'd have to visit it at night-- by light of the moon.  

The view at the moon temple was spectacular.  Despite never having been recorded in history books, the moon temple has a natural sort of glow about it at night time.  It's glow is a mirror image of the moon, as if the temple is a little moon itself.  This was not the most interesting thing we found, though.  In one of the chambers that was behind a door that just so happened not to be fake, we found this piece.  Now, one would think that this would be some kind of Incan piece or at least a piece that was native to one of the indigenous tribes that live in the area.  Rather, this piece that we found glowing inside of the Moon Temple comes from an entirely different walk of existence.  This credits the Moon Temple, though, for being the real thing.  I obvious is a conduit for the moon's energy or the entity that I am about to tell you about would not have been there in the first place.  

This piece is the original possession of an entity called a Black Moon Witch.  She is an immortal and one of the original members of the Dianic coven that emerged during Roman times.  She was in the Temple of the Moon to absorb extra abilities.  This was originally hers, but she has since been cast into it.  The coven, which travles through the shadows of the moond, gained all of their powers from the Black Moon, which is Earth's second moon.  It balances out the magic of the first moon, but the magic is more powerful because the moon is much smaller.  It is also lesser known because it cannot be seen with the human eye and does not reflect the light of the sun like the major moon does.  This stuff cannot be made up.  You can research it if you want to.  As I was saying, this coven existed specifically for the purpose of venerating the black moon and gaining its powers.  Through these powers the witches were able to gain immortality if they wanted it.  Some of them did.  SOme of them didn't.  Either way, it didn't change the fact that they all basked in the power that the black moon brought them.  

When we got this piece, we immediately wanted to test it.  We could feel the power coming off of it and knew that we had a find.  The thing is, you have to use this piece by the light of the moon.  The first moon that is, because the light and the energy of the first moon is what will cause the reflection of the second moon when you are wearing this piece.  When we tested this piece, the black moon began to take form right before our eyes.  It was like a normal moon, but it began to bleed red and turn dark.  It was glowing and we could still tell it was there, but it was a blood red color-- kind of like a blood moon but darker.  Then as we watched, the moon began to take the shape of many faces.  The faces talked to us and told us the secrets to many different forms of blood magic, alchemy powers, sorcery, spell casting, spirit birthing, summoning, time traveling, astral traveling, immortality, and other magical powers.  Each time the moon shifted into a different face, it told us a different power or magic.   It shifted faces dozens times, until one face remained.  This was the face of the entity-- the Black Moon Witch-- who lives in this piece.

The witch, who said her name was Endolyn, informed us that she was the liaison between the person who uses this piece and the powers of the Black Moon.  The Black Moon are all the powers that have been performed by any witch ever.  Thus, all the faces that we were shown.  There are more faces than what we seen, she instructed, but we will not see them all at once.  With this piece you can ask for whatever form of magic you want.  The Black Moon will take the form of a witches faces and he or she will speak this power to you subliminally.  You will then know the ins and outs of how you gain this power-- Or, in some cases, you will just automatically have the power.  You will learn this at the time you communicate with the witch in charge of the power you request.  There are no limits on the types of powers that you can gain, as the Black Moon is an official record of every single power that has ever been used.  All you have to do is ask away, while you are wearing your piece, gazing at the Black Moon.