Sarah Benford's Story: Love, Wealth, and Time-Travel

Sarah Benford's Story: Love, Wealth, and Time-Travel

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This piece comes to you from an estate sale that we visited some time in 2013.  The estate sale, in North Carolina, wasn’t anything extraordinary, but it did leave us with this piece.  From the moment we found this piece, we knew that the power in it could not be refuted.  It is an antique piece with a lot of character and you can practically feel the power come off of it when you hold it in your hand.

Originally the property of the estate left behind by Sarah Benford, who has no known relatives, it was given to her by a young man named Isaac who was to be her husband-- or so they planned.  That was before the start of the Vietnam War.  Isaac met Sarah one summer evening at a gala in small town outside of Raleigh.  The rest was pretty much history in the making.  

The two teenaged lovers found themselves caught up in a wild affair.  It wasn’t long before Sarah found out she was pregnant with Isaac’s child.  She told nobody.  What was she to do?  If she told her parents, she’d only be criticized, because in those times having a baby out of wedlock pretty much shunned a person from the community.  She didn’t even tell Isaac who was drafted for the Indochina War.  He was set to leave before Sarah started showing.  At the end of Summer Isaac would be gone and there was no guarantee of his return.  

Isaac left without ever knowing that he was to become a father and Sarah was left to figure out the struggles of her maternity on her own.  When she attempted to tell her parents of her woes, she was pretty much thrown out in the street to make her own way.  It wasn’t like these days when you get welfare for having babies.  In those days it was way different.

The stresses of Sarah’s pregnancies took a toll on her body and she eventually lost her child.  Her parents eventually took Sarah back, but her life was miserable after losing her child.  Without Isaac around to brighten up her day, Sarah’s days passed with no emotion whatsoever.  It was like the only thing that kept her alive was the fact that she was taking breaths.  

Only one letter came for Sarah from Isaac.  In his letter he told Sarah about the rain in Vietnam and how he thought he was tougher than what he really was, but he was scared half to death most of the time.  He had made new friends in the army, but some of them had already died.  He promised Sarah that when he returned, he was going to buy a plot of land and build them a house.  Unfortunately, that day never came.  It was a mere two weeks later, when Sarah was running errands for her mother that she saw a picture of Isaac hung in the local post office.  

At this point, Sarah began to think that all hope was lost for her.  She went through a depression spell where she tried taking her own life twice.  She was eventually transported to a home for the feeble minded, where she spent spent the rest of her young life.  In her 30s when the facility she was at was totally shut down, she returned to her parent’s estate, which was left vacant after they both passed away of old age.  Sarah was the youngest of several children, if you’re wondering, which is why her parents were so old.  

Sarah moved into her parents estate.  All of her siblings had since moved on with their lives, but not Sarah, she couldn’t move on.  In her mind, she was still a teenager waiting for her love to return for war.  She was looked after by her sister for a period of time, but the times kept withering away.  All the while, she kept hold of this piece that was given to her by Isaac before he left for war.  It was a token of their love.  She kept holding on, waiting, hoping that there was some kind of error.  However, by the time she reached her middle ages, Sarah decided there was nothing else to do.  

She sought out the help of a local medium.  Together, the transformed this piece from the piece that it is into one that could summon souls.  It took a few weeks, but Sarah was successfully able to summon her deceased boyfriend into this piece.  She was also able to summon the spirit of the child she lost.  She kept their souls together in the piece and made two more tweaks to the piece.  She all of a sudden found herself deep in the world of sorcery and wizardry as she invoked the presence of a very powerful sorcerer to put two more spell on this piece.  One was a time-travel piece and the other was wealth power.  

As Sarah grew old, she kept the presence of her loved ones near to her.  When the time was right she wore the piece and called upon the powers in it.  She transported both herself and her little family into a pocket of time where time never ends, where her and her lover were once again in their youth, where the wealth magic from the piece would provide an abundance so they could live a worry free life, together, as the family they were meant to be.  

They never did recover Sarah Benford’s body.  Some thought that the crazy old lady had wondered off into the woods somewhere and was attacked by wild animals.  Other figured she had finally had enough of North Carolina and left without telling anybody.  All of her siblings had died prior to her disappearance.  Her estate and that of her parents fell to the state, which auctioned off and sold everything to recover back taxes owed by Sarah.  What did she care?  She was long was gone, anyhow.  In a different realm entirely.  

This piece is a treasure of a find, because it brings so many different powers.  First it brings you the ability find that one true love who will be yours for life.  There will be no questioning it.  Everybody needs an immortal partner and this piece brings that to you.  Second, it brings the power to summon souls-- any and all souls, even entities.  They will be brought forth to you when you call them out by name.  Third, it brings you the ability to time-travel just as Sarah did with her family.  You can use this piece to travel to anywhere in time you want to go.  You could theoretically stay there, but we suggest you come back.  This provides a spiritual protection that will cast all evil out of your life and send it back to where it came from.  It will keep you safe from all future evils, spells, demons, etc.  This is the way Sarah would have had it.  Not many people can say they have been involved with this kind of magic-- but this piece will help you achieve it.  The powers in and of themselves are incredible, but when you think about the powers you could gain by either time traveling or summoning the souls of powerful people-- this piece is like a lost treasure that you will be able to grow your power big time-- or find true love if that is what you want.  It’s only a step away from controlling your own destiny.  What’s not to love?