Voodoo Night Dance

Voodoo Night Dance

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This piece is an authentic one from Africa.  When you think Voodoo, often times you think of Mississippi, or the more obvious New Orleans.  You could think Haiti, as well.  However, to fully understand Voodoo and the powers that it offers, you first have to trace it back to its roots-- its motherland so to speak.  This is Africa, for those of you who didn’t know.  In fact, all variations of Voodoo, even Santeria, hold their roots in true African Voodoo.  

Many people think that Voodoo is a dark religion of sorts.  How many times have you heard someone say, “you better watch out or I’ll cast a Voodoo spell on you ?”  How many of you have actually said this?  Well, that’s not exactly the idea of Voodoo in its purest form.  In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The essence of Voodoo lies in the fact that there are no accidents.  Life is just one big cycle of cause and effect.  The Universe is all one contiguous power, one big universal life.  Scientist can even prove this.  Nature knows it.   Many spiritualists agree that we are not separate.  We are all interconnected somehow.  Connected to what?  A cosmic conscience that is at the center of the universe.  This is the heaven that our ancestors have gone when the have passed.  Their knowledge resurfaces and in this way their powers are resurrected.  No power that has been created has ever gone to waste.  They are all out there floating around in the power at the center of the universe called the cosmic conscience.  At least that's what we call in, anyway.  

Therefore, Voodoo is more of a goodwill power.  It takes "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," to a whole new level.  Why?  Because what you do unto others is ultimately what you do unto yourself.  We are all working together to exist in our purest spiritual form, so we have to raise the stakes together.  With so much difference and hate in the world, I doubt this is going to happen any time soon.  So then what?  

This is why there are Voodoo high priests and priestesses of the faith.  The serpent is the central figure in Voodoo, he is the Bon Dieu, the supreme god.  He is the at the center of all this knowledge.  The priests and priestesses are the vehicles for the knowledge of this serpent.  The serpent has dominion over all other gods and spirits-- call the Loa.  The Loa are the deceased spirits of our ancestors who held magic or who have gone on to gain magic in the afterlife.  Being as though the Bon Dieu has supreme power over all these other Loa and the Loa are the ones who hold all the powers, the priest or priestess is the only person who has exclusive access to these powers through the authority of the Bon Dieu.  

In order to summon the Bon Dieu, and therefore the presence of all powers, there needs to typically be a dance and a ritual.  During this ritual the mortal body of the priest is possessed by the Bon Dieu and he speaks with the authority of this god.  His body will start writing and it will throw him into a frenzy and he will begin to speak magic from his mouth, of course in the form of the many Loa that he is commanding.  This is called Voodoo Frenzy magic.  In this way, the people to whom he is speaking will hear the voice of the Bon Dieu and will gain the magic that they have request their priest receive for them.  

This piece has been created with the powers and the energies of the Voodoo dance.  This dance is called the Night Dance.  During the Night Dance the Loa spew the secrets of ancient magic, relay advice, warnings, and state their desires for mankind.  That is, some loa require offerings for their powers.  When you use this piece, you will automatically put into a state called a frenzy.  

With this piece, you will begin to feel tribal. Your body will wriggle and writhe like serpent as you are put into a state of Frenzy.  You will be consumed with a madness that will take over your body.  You may even have laughing fits.  Your human body will be left behind go into a deep trance like state.  You will reach out into the immortal realms of the Loa.  While you are there you can literally gain any power you want.  

When in the realm of the Loa, you will speak out what powers you want-- whether they be wealth powers, health, spell casting, immortality, love, sexual passion, cosmic evolution, deification, shapeshifting/transformation, spirit conjuring, astral travel, time travel, etc.  It doesn’t matter what power you call out for.  Remember, the cosmic conscience knows all powers and we are a part of it.  We are all one.  The loa in charge of the power you request will be sent to you and the powers will become yours in spiritual fusion of the faith.  Remember, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Making yourself stronger will collectively make us all stronger, but casting these powers upon other people will make us all stronger, too.  This is why this piece can cast any powers upon any person, yourself or others.  It can do healing, both spiritual and physical, it can grant spiritual cognizance, etc.  This piece is very powerful.  It is Voodoo in its purest form!!  You don’t want to miss this opportunity!!  


This is an authentic piece that was used by an actual Voodoo Priest and root worker.  It is powerful, because it holds the powerful essence of the Bon Dieu-- the serpent of all knowledge.  You will not get much closer to the real deal that this piece!!