A Very Powerful Seven!!
A Very Powerful Seven!!

A Very Powerful Seven!!

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Take a good look around you.  I mean, take a really good look. Look at the people around you at the bus stop or when you are in line to get your groceries.  What do you see?  A bunch of humans right?  Well, at least that is what you think you see.  We’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, aliens live among us.  They are the “people” in your neighborhood.  They are your neighbors, and your children’s teachers, and the people that go to your church, and yes even Suzanne at the PTA meeting who baked those oh so exquisite s’mores cookies the you wolfed down the last time you were there.  It’s just a fact of life.  

Now, I don’t want you to run off thinking that we are all under attack.  I mean, we are under attack, but that’s just from the aliens that want to completely take over and mind-control the humans.  Then again, you have corrupt regimes like the Obama Administration and the Royal Family in England who have been trying to do that to our own for centuries.  What does it all boil down to?  

There have been aliens in the United States since it was constituted in 1776.  They’ve been on Earth since before that.  Where do you think the Egyptians got their magical secret from?  Who do you think the Sumerians were depicting in their cave drawings?  They are super advanced intelligent beings, whom compared to use, are gods among men.  They gave Washington and his Masonic cronies all the secrets they needed to build a bustling, productive, wealth nation.  In terms of years that a nation has been around, America has accomplished this fairly quickly.  We’re only about 250 years in the making.  

The point is that the extraterrestrials have been able to assimilate rather nicely.  You can thank Eisenhower in part for this, because of the pact that he signed with them, when he met the aliens in California.  This wasn’t really that secret of a meeting either.  The Pentagon has briefings of these meetings, where Eisenhower showed up right in the desert and the aliens ambassadors came walking right out of the spaceship.  They gave him a rather interesting proposal.  Allow the aliens to stay, to assimilate into human culture and they would, in turn, provide Eisenhower with all the alien technology that he wanted.  Simple, right.  They even gave us workers to work in that place called Area 51 that I’m sure you’ve all heard about.  

A lot of these aliens ended up in China, which I hate to say it, is why China beats us hands down when it comes to the technology sector.  There is a facet of technology that the Asians can be beat on.  The technology that America chose to receive was more along the supernatural lines.  Shape-shifting, portal hopping, time-travel, intergalactic weaponry, mind control, energy manipulation, stellar creation, so on and so forth.  Trust me, these technologies have been used for a broad spectrum of purposes.  We have traveled to the moon, we travel through space, right?  Well, there are even more advanced programs going on behind the doors out of the sight of the human eye.  

This piece was confiscated from Area 51 and contains a wealth of alien technologie-- seven, in fact.  Each of these moonstones contains one alien power that will outline below.  These stones are not of our planet, rather they come from a far away galaxy.  They have been harvested and alien powers have been infused.  This piece is just one of many pieces that were gifted to the Americans for signing a pact with the aliens in the desert.  It’s not like the common man will ever benefit from these pieces, because rarely do they get leaked into the public sector.  Now, I’m not saying that we won’t ever have a piece that is similar to this item ever again, or that you won’t ever have one, but I can tell you this much-- a piece with this much power is truly a rare find especially given that these stone come from an entirely separate universe.  

There is nothing that you have to do in order to get this piece working.  It comes fully charged, because the moonstones in the piece are highly energetic.  All you have to do is wear the piece and allow the energies enough bonding time to begin working properly.  You will enjoy these energies thoroughly; they will begin working in around two weeks from the day you recieve your piece.  

Here are a list of the powers you will get:  

  1. Full body transformation--  this is the power to manipulate your DNA right at the roots, to shift into a different form completely and entirely.  This is how the aliens have managed to merge and assimilate into our own culture.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t merge back into your old form, but for the time being you will become wholly the entity that you choose to take the form of, knowing their wisdom, gaining their power.

  2. Alien Healing-- this is like the alien healing stones that we have offered previously.  This piece allows you to heal not only yourself but others.  It does this through a physiological and energetic manipulation that will cure you and others of all physical and spiritual ailments.

  3. Portal Hopping/Jumping-- this is pretty self-explanatory in that it tells you exactly what it does.  In manipulate the energy around you in such a way that it opens up a rift in astral existence.  This creates a portal and this portal can take you to any place you want to you be-- kind of like Visa but but on a much larger scale.

  4. Time Hopping/Jumping-- Even though time doesn’t really exist outside of the human mind, this piece allows humans to travel in time.  I mean there IS time, it’s just not like we understand it.  The stars never look at a clock to say “well it’s noon, time for some lunch.” They just kind of hang out.  Maybe that’s why they are immortal, because they exist out side of the realm of time.  Either way, this will allow you travel to any point in time that you choose to visit.  

  5. Psychic Awakening-- Again, this is pretty straight forward.  This piece opens up the crown chakra and the third-eye.  It brings on the full powers of psychic ability including telekinesis, psychokinesis, precognition, and being able to read people by looking in their eye.  Of course these aren’t the only abilities you gain with this power.  You gain everything psychic, as the name implies.  

  6. Alien Mind-Control-- This is a good one.  It allows you to actually enter another person’s mind and to see what they are thinking.  It then allows you to genetically manipulate the brainwaves that are being sent.  In doing this you can create brainwaves that will reflect what you want a person to do, how you want them to act, what you want them to say, etc.  You can have whomever you choose fulfill your bidding by speaking thoughts into their mind and controlling their mind and behavior.  It’s a pretty fascinating thing and it comes in handy when you need to get into places you don’t have access to, or you want to do something but don’t want to caught doing it.  It will also help you to be able to catch a spouse cheating, by forcing him or her to come clean.  I mean, the possibilities are pretty much endless.  

  7. Alien Wealth-- because aliens gotta eat, too!!  But in all seriousness, this power says miles about how the aliens have been able to evolve.  Since they have wealth energies, wealth isn’t even a thing for them anymore.  Unlike humans, they stopped worrying about how they were going to survive a long time ago, because they have all the wealth they need.  This is how they have been able to sit down and become so enlightened and so far advanced.  When there is no worry, there is no stress.  You have all the time you want to focus on yourself and your own advancement.  This piece will bring you quantitative wealth to the point that you won’t have to stress anymore.  We all just want to be financially successful, wealth, ahead of the rest…. This power offers you that chance.