Pieces of Your Collected Soul
Pieces of Your Collected Soul

Pieces of Your Collected Soul

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The Thirty-third parallel is a place of great significance.  It is a belt of magic that exists on Earth exactly 33 degrees due north of Earth’s equatorial plane. There is something magical about the 33rd degree that has been taught throughout the ages-- in mystery schools, among cults, and among secret societies. The thirty-third parallel can be traced back to many different supernatural happenings, as well. The first two the come to my mind is that Christopher Columbus clearly documents strange happenings on the 33rd parallel while sailing to the New World.  Another one is that the Grigori-- the fallen angels known as the Nephilim-- entered the world via the 33rd parallel.  The number 33 is the perfect number in sacred geometry and it means many different things to many different people.  The list of supernatural phenomenons that involve the number 33 or the 33rd parallel is just mind boggling, yet there has only been one group of individuals who have successfully embraced it.  They are the Freemasons.  

The Freemasons have long embodies the magic of 33 for all of its magical principals.  The fact the the 33rd parallel is a re-entry point to Earth, the fact that there are 33 degrees to a human life before you can become like a God.  In fact, the capital of the United States of America, Washington DC, has been constructed based on Masonic sacred numerology and geography.  It is just a fact that the number 33 has a mystical embrace unlike any other.  The pyramids were built along the 33rd parallel and it has been taught in mystery schools, ever since, that the magic that be had by embracing 33, is unlike any other magic that you will experienced.  

This piece was found in a secret Masonic lodge in Algeria, a place that wouldn’t immediately come to mind when I talk about magic and mysticism.  However, the 33rd parallel cuts Algeria right in half, so the magic of the Masons is rife in this area.  In this area many of the Masons are sent to study sacred geometry and rites, in order to become a 33rd degrees, to become like gods, and to gain the powers of the universe.  Having said that, this is also the place where many different kinds of entities have been created, because the 33rd parallel is a spiritual re-entry point for the rest of existence.  

This piece was found in the Masonic Lodge after an investigation was staged to take place in the lodge.  It wasn’t a very long investigation, as we simply wanted to understand what it was that was so special about this particular place.  We got our answer soon enough and proof of this answer is connected to this piece.  The entity that is in this piece is called the Masonic Djinn.  The Masonic djinn is simply a blue-ifrit djinn, except it has all the knowledge of the Masonic Lodge ingrained into it.  It is a djinn of many powers.  

To begin with this djinn gives you the secret of the sacred number 33. This is why I didn’t go too indepth in my description.  I kind of skimmed over it.  The djinn is a 33rd cycle djinn that will give you the secrets to the number 33 and all the magical doors that this number can open for you.  By magical doors I mean the creation of yet other astounding powers that you will not be disappointed with.  

This djinn is a wealth djinn.  Djinn have been gifts to the influential for centuries, despite the fact that they’d never admit their involvement with such magic.  This djinn is no different.  This djinn pours out wealth upon you as if you were a dignitary or a royalty.  This wealth comes in all forms and once it starts showering you with the wealth, you are going to realize that its wealth beyond your wildest imaginations… like the 1% ruling the rest of the world kind of wealth.  

This djinn is an astral djinn and will guide you through the secret maps of the universe, which occur in multiples of 33.  These will release even more knowledge and powers to you, also revealing different kinds of entities and different realms of reality.  In fact, there isn’t much this djinn cannot do.  It even holds the ability to become as if you were a 33rd degree Mason, to hold all the magic of the Masonic lodge, and to become a god in the flesh!  It doesn't’ get much more powerful that that!  This is one that you definitely want to have on your must buy list. Again, we only have one of these, so first come - first served.