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This ring is amazing! First if you look close and count you will see that each section actually counts to four. This is for the fourth dimension in which this ring ca

n operate in. Right now we live in the 3rd dimension but some can move to the fourth using their mind. Examples of this would be seeing the dead, astral travel and the learning of the true mystical. If you could actually move into the 4th dimension you could physically bring back material to this dimension and see your double.

Now after reading that could you imagine being able to do those things? What if I told you there were 12 dimensions and there are. What is located in those? If you could access them all it is called the Sacred Hologram. We have many dimensions from the miraculous to the Heaven to the material and on and on. Included in those dimensions are past times in which we are still living. This is why some psychics will feel a person even though they are dead and NOT communicating. They are technically still alive but living in a past or future dimension.

This ring allows you to move to the fourth dimension which with study will allow the opening up of all dimensions. With the opening you may move freely from heaven to any other dimension you wish. This takes serious study.

I do have a ring that opens up  ALL dimensions which will be placed on the website today.

Good luck with this one and Enjoy. This was put together using technology from Tesla that he gave after death during a conjuring.

From here on is an addendum to the item that was sold on eBay.  The item on eBay only allowed the person who bought it to access what is called the Fourth dimension.  This Fourth dimension is the dimension that exists right above the dimension that we live in, which is the third dimension.  It is described above in the description that went on eBay.  Here are a list of the other dimensions that you will be able to access with this piece, that contains the same power as the other piece, but more.  

The 5th dimension is the Dimension of Wants and Desires.  In this dimension is where you will find everything that you’ve ever wanted.  This dimension is different for everyone, because it is a reflection of each person’s inner desires.  Whether your desires are wealth, fame, magic, or something else entirely, they will exist in a form that you will be able to collect and bring back with you to the third dimension.  Here, you will be able to manifest them with actual results.  

The 6th dimension is the Dimension of Universal Love.  This is the dimension that deals with all love spells and everything that has to do with finding your one true soulmate.  When you visit this realm, you will be able to see through all reality into the eyes of the one person that you are destined to be with forever.

The 7th dimension is the Dimension of All Fates.  The fates of all people are held in this dimension.  It is where each person’s fate is created and where each person’s fate is recorded.  When you are in the Dimension of All Fates you control the fate of each person.  You can change the fate any living being from what it is to what you want it to be.  You could sabotage somebody or really, really help them.  This also includes your own fate.  The future lies in your hands.  

The 8th Dimension is the Dimension of Sanguine Lust.  This is the dimension where all sanguine abilities and powers are hidden.  Well, I can’t really say hidden, because those who are in tune with the sanguine lifestyle know that this is the center of their existence.  It is where their powers come from.  Whether it is the mesmerizing eyes that can control the mind of other people or just the ability to practice sanguine sorcery, all of these powers are conjured and obtained from the Dimension of Sanguine Lust.  In this Dimension you will be able to drink of the Sanguine Flow, which is the stream the replenishes even the most thirty sanguine souls.

The 9th Dimension is the Dimension of Wishes.  It is the dimension where all djinn are born.  In the physical world, djinn may be born of fire and flame, but it is this dimension where the actual souls of these djinn have been created.  They have been marinating in the power of fulfillment that is rife in the Dimension of Wishes, that way when they are born of the flame, they can grant unlimited wishes to the human or other entity that summons them forth.  When visiting this dimension, you can gain the power to grant unlimited wishes to those around you.  You can also bring unborn djinn back to the mortal realm with you.  You can keep them to grant wishes for yourself or give them away to others.  

The 10th Dimension is the Dimension of Divine White Light.  This is a dimension of omniscience and holographic reality, where every white light power ever performed is recorded.  It is a realm of angels and white lighters and all other practitioners of divine white light.  It is a holographic hall of records and when you travel to this dimension, you will be able to obtain whatever white light magic, power, ability, etc. that you want and bring it back with you to the mortal realms.  This includes anything from spiritual white light healing, to exorcisms, to white light psychic awakening, and more.  

The 11th Dimension is the Dimension of All Things Dark.  It is the counterpart to the 10th Dimension.  As per the principles of Yin and Yang, all things have to have equal but opposite driving forces.  It is what keeps our systems in check and balance.  As such, the Dimension of All Things Dark is a holographic record of all dark magic that has ever been created.  You can walk through this holographic hall and behold all the things that went bump in the night and their powers.  You may wonder why you would need something like this if you are only into white light?  It’s always good to know the enemy!!  

The 12th and final dimension is the Dimension of the Sun.  This dimension is one that gives an infinite knowledge of the mortal universe.  The way the stars are laid out and the way the planets are aligned, even down to their very orbit has all be planned out.  Each position and movement of each heavenly body opens a portal or gateway to a new existence, to a new type of reality, to new dimensions.  This dimension is called the Dimension of the Sun, because the Sun is the only body in our universe that stays put.  Everything else gravitates and rotates around it.   It is the key to the universe and universal knowledge.  It is the eye of the universe that sees all things.  When you travel to the Dimension of the Sun, you will also be able to see all things, including all the gateways and portals that lie in the stars, waiting for you to explore them.