Five Archangels of Love (and other stuff)
Five Archangels of Love (and other stuff)
Five Archangels of Love (and other stuff)

Five Archangels of Love (and other stuff)

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This piece is not from the Cave of Treasures, but the power that has been put into it was summoned from the sacred confines of the magical treasures of the world.  Most of the treasure put into this cave were created by the Hand of God through the work of the Holy Spirit.  This means that the presence of these items are 100% super strong, powerful, white light magic.  

When God created Adam and Eve, he knew that these two were going to have to hit it off good.  The world population kind of depended on it.  After Lilith left, Adam was left without a companion, so when God created Adam’s new companion he created her out of his rib so that way she was part of him.  What you are part of you cannot abandon.  He also gave Eve a tonic to drink that contained the same power that has been set into this item.  

Once Eve left the Garden of Eden, God knew she’d no longer be able to drink the tonic that came from the Tree of Life, so a piece was created.   To entrap the powers of the Tonic, this piece was baptized in the tonic and set out to dry in the white light of God's power.  The result was an infusion the powers of five angels of love that can help anybody find the perfect relationship.  It doesn't matter if you are a man, woman, gay straight, black or white.  The help of this piece goes above and beyond.  It calls upon the service of angels-- five of the most powerful archangels of love.

These angels work together on a spiritual level, not on a physical level.  This is why when you use this piece, you are able to find your true soul mate.  The powers in the item act as a sonar that goes forth from your own spiritual being to find that one person who is absolutely right for you.  These angels have been working their magic since the beginning of time, finding partners for the bloodline of Christ, to make sure that the bloodline would remain consecrated-- and it has.  As you can see the angels work quite diligently in love-- to bring, to keep it, and to make it worth the while.  It is truly God at work in your love life to bring you that one soul mate that will be yours not only in life, but also in death.  That's  right.  With the powers in this piece you not only get to spend your life with your soulmate, but you will get to see them in person in Heaven and spend eternity in their love.  

Here are the five angels that you get with this piece:  

1.) Archangel Michael who provides divine guidance, protection, and spiritual clearing to make sure that we are in healthy relationships where both sides are contributing equally and nobody is getting taken advantage of. He also does general protection against evil forces and ridding of all evil and negative energies from your life.

2.  Archangel Jophiel who manifests your beauty both inside and outside, so that way your partner and yourself appear perfect to each other at all times.  This will keep you both physically and intimately satisfied!!  It also helps you keep things spicy in the bedroom!!

3.  Archangel Chamuel who guides you to find whatever you are seeking, including romantic partnerships.  This angel can be summoned whenever you are seeking love from another person, but he can also be summoned to help you find whatever you are seeking in life-- whether that is wealth, tranquility, happiness, magic, alchemy, sorcery, etc.  

4.  Archangel Raphael who helps your heart heal from the past and stay open to present and future love.  He is the comforting angel that gives you the ability to get over things in a mature, adult way.  It helps your heart to mend and your spirit to be renewed.  He offers full spiritual healing, karmic cleansing, and aural cleansing.  All this is done to attune the soul and to help you start over in love.  

5.  The archangel Raguel who instills harmony and balance within relationships, which will ensure rejuvenated, peaceful interactions each and every day.  It ensures a loving, prosperous, and eternal bond between two people for eternity!!