Anna Koldings' Bloody Roses
Anna Koldings' Bloody Roses

Anna Koldings' Bloody Roses

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Anna Koldings was a Danish witch who was sentenced to die in the 1590s.  She goes by the moniker, "the Devil's mother," after she was accused of birthing demons in her estate in Denmark.  She was also accused of casting spells against Queen Anne that caused a huge storm, in which Queen Anne's ship almost wrecked before having to dock in Denmark.  She was brought to trial and sentenced to die by burning at the stake.


We cannot either deny or confirm that Anna Kolding cast spells upon Queen Anne's ship.  What we can confirm is the fact that she was a witch.  Another short bit of fact that was misconstrued is that she was birthing demons. She was never birthing those either.  She did birth entities, they just weren't demons and she certainly wasn't the devil's mother.  The charges brought against her were not accurate and should have been more accurately investigated.  She was not birthing demons, she was birthing vampires.  


The birthing took place in Anna Koldings’ garden, where she had rows of bleeding roses.  She didn't know it at first, but the roses were set on an ancient burial ground that waS set aside for ancient Celtic magicians.  Her roses bled with their power and when she figured out what was going on, she collected the blood and used to perform alchemy spells.  These spells were such that she was able to bear spiritual descendents who also required blood for their existence.  They received this blood by the roses that were grown in Anna Koldings’ garden.   


She “gave birth” to over two dozen vampire entities.  These entities would give her any powers she wanted and the way they were able to do that is simple.  At birth,Anna would give each of her vampiric children a power.  In return, they gave the power back to Anna.  They fed off of eachother like that, giving each other more and more power.  Too bad the vampire that gave her immortality couldn’t give her invincibility or she might still be alive.  


After being discovered, Anna was burned alive!  Her estate was handed over to the king and her gardens were destroyed.  They never did find out that she was creating her own vampires, so the vampires that were already born got to the stay in spiritual form and eventually all found permanent mortal bodies.  This is who we got this piece from, it was a vampire named Eternal, who grants immortality.  What she gave us is more powerful though, because it was created with blood from Anna Koldings’ roses.  


This piece allows you the ability to birth vampires just like Anna Kolding.  These vampires can feed off the energy of fresh roses and it will be transformed into the blood that they require.  With this piece you can birth any vampire with a single power.   They will then feed this power back to you and as they grow in their own strength so will you.  You can create vampires with powers such as mind control, mesmerization, immortality, extreme wealth, ageless beauty, dream walking, astral walking, and many, many more.  Basically, you can give the vampires that you create any power that you choose.  There are no restrictions that apply.