Atlantean Startide-- The Three Elders
Atlantean Startide-- The Three Elders
Atlantean Startide-- The Three Elders
Atlantean Startide-- The Three Elders

Atlantean Startide-- The Three Elders

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Sometimes pieces happen for no reason at all.  Well, I mean it’s always for a reason, but what I mean to say is that they come to you when you are least expecting it, the way this one did.  It caught me totally and completely off guard if I’m being completely and totally honest with you.  Having been in this line of work, I have learned that things come to you at the most random of times.  It is both the biggest opportunity and biggest curse of our work.  

I was outside the other night, taking a stroll.  Okay, I was supposed to be exercising, but stroll is all I can do right now, because I insist on losing all this weight the natural way, so I can say that I did it!!  Woo-hoo.  Well, most of you know that I live in a very rural area.  There isn’t much around, except for a few business and fast-food restaurants on the main drag through town.  

I was out taking a stroll down a back road when all of a sudden things got really dark.  I mean, it’s always dark out there, but things got almost eerily dark.  There was no moon light, no star light, no light of any kind.  I figured it was just me being paranoid, so I shoved my fists in my eye sockets and opened my eyes again.  This was no optical illusion though, reality had gone completely black.  

The ground was still there and I knew my route by heart I knew that if I kept on walking I would come to an intersection where there would surely be some light.  In the back of my mind, though I began to wonder.  The darkness was accompanied by an eery silence that made it almost stifling to breath.  The air was thick and although I didn’t stop to look at the time, I would place my entire life savings that time came to a complete halt.  

Then, out of nowhere I saw these three stars, zig-zagging through the skies, almost as if they were dancing ladies, frolicking across a celestial dance floor.  They began spin like those little fireworks that you set off on the fourth of July while you’re waiting for the real show to begin.  They looked like little tornadoes of light dancing around in the sky.  Then they all merged together and descended to Earth.  

In the center, where the stars met, a portal was open.  I could feel an energy and my own curiosity drawing me in.  As I gazed, it was like a magnetic force came over me-- like a mosquito in a bug zapper.  It was a beautiful light-- one that I never wanted to be out.  I inched closer and closer and closer and when I got just inside the lip of the portal, it swallowed me.  

What happened next I’m not sure.  Reality began to spin until I could no longer tell what was going on.  I felt like I was going to toss my cookies, and then I completely passed out.  When I awoke, I was standing in a room with three vaults.  Inside each of the three vaults was three entities.  They had pale, translucent blue skin.  Their hollow faces held larger than life features.  I could see as their purple hearts pumped purple blood through their bodies from the tips of their spindly fingers to their three brains that floated in a vessel above their brains, but which was attached to the scalp.  

It was the most surreal thing that I’ve ever seen.  I just stared before I was given a psychic message that these three are the Elders of Atlantis.  They are the three Atlantean wise men that govern all Atlantean magic, who brought the magic to the rest of the race.  I was inside of an ancient blue pyramid in the center of the Atlantean Galaxy.  This is where the elders have made their immortal home-- pumping out pure magic to the rest of the Atlantean Race, to the galaxy in which they exist.  

On each of the beings fingers was an identical ring.  I slid a ring off of one of the elders and shoved it in my pocket.  It wasn’t long after this that my world began to spin again and before I knew what was happening, I woke up in a field in a circle of bright light.  It was the stars, however.  It was a farmer in an old truck calling to me from his truck, telling me I must’ve had a pretty nasty spill.  I hastily agreed because I was still a bit confused.  He offered me a ride home, but I refused.  I’d just as soon walk.  

On the walk back, I put my hands into my pockets, only to reveal the ring that I had taken from the spiney fingers of the Atlantean Elder I had come across.  It was slowly coming back to me.  The more I thought about it, the more I was able to piece it together.  Then, I remembered fully what had happened.  When I got home I immediately began the investigation on this piece.  

This piece holds all forms of Atlantean Sorcery.  From time travel to astral travel to full body transformations.  From creating Atlantean spells to becoming connected the capstones of the blue pyramids in Atlantis and the ones in Giza that aren’t blue.  From being able to open stellar doors and cosmic portals, to being able to birth powerful and rare types of entities that are only known to the Atlantean Galaxy.  This piece is everything you’ve ever wanted that embodies Atlantis.  It is the go-to piece, the piece that tells it all.  It is the brain of Atlantis magic.  I was just lucky enough to have this piece find me. We will never have another piece like this original gem of power from the Elders of Atlantis.