The Blessings of Nine-- Ring 2
The Blessings of Nine-- Ring 2
The Blessings of Nine-- Ring 2

The Blessings of Nine-- Ring 2

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As we sometimes do, we have made this original via a custom conjuring.  A custom conjuring is very powerful, because we can control who we conjure and who we don’t.  Into this piece are conjured, not just one, but nine separate entities whom we refer to as the Nine Mother Goddesses.  These Goddesses can be invoked together or separately.  When invoking them together, they will help you overcome all obstacles.  Even the most difficult thing in your life will become mundane and you will overcome.  There will be nothing standing in the way of the brilliant outcome that you desire.  

When conjured on a one-by-one basis, each goddess has their own attributes and can be conjured for her own powers.  Below is a list of the Nine Mother Goddesses and what they will do for you when you conjure them.  Happy Conjuring!!  

The Nine Mother Goddesses that you get when using this piece are:  

Lakshmi-- (pronounced Lock-Schmee) She is the Hindu goddess of Good fortune.  Where Lakshmi lives, there does wealth also live.  She is conjure by millions around the globe to bring her divine wealth intervention to her followers.  She is known to increase income, heal financial crisis, bring spiritual and material wealth, and to help the unfortunate to attain prosperity through justifiable means.  This means that when you conjure her, she will bring you wealth in a way that you don't have to feel guilty about.  She is nothing but a blessing.  When you conjure her, she will appear to you as a beautifully adorned goddess sitting on a lotus flower.

Venus-- She is the goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality.  When you conjure her, she will transform your sexual energy into something that you've never experienced before.  She will inspire you and give you confidence to go forth and find the love that you've never had.  She is synonymous with all things feminine.  She will make you feel beautiful and she will make you appear more beautiful to others as well.  Apart from love, she will give you sexual knowledge, meaning that when the time comes, she will possess your body so that way ou know all the right moves.  Can you say, "Astral orgasm?"  Yeah, they are the most amazing kind to exist!!  Also, she will give you a boost of self-confidence that will help you attain other things in your life as well, such as that new job, or the raise that you've been waiting for for years now!

Kuan-Yin-- (pronounced kwan-yin) She is the compassionate saviouress that has been worshipped in Asia for centuries upon centuries.  Her powers are ancient.  She is pure white light and is the protecoress of all.  She will protect you from all evil, sending it back to where it came from, disallowing it to ever enter into your life ever again.  Additionally, she is the goddess of healing-- both spiritually and physically.  All ailments, both physical and spiritual can be laid before Kuan Yin and she will rearranged the carnal energy of the afflicted to heal whatever ailments are lain before her.

Brigid-- (pronounced Bridge-jeed) She is the Celtic Triple goddess who is the keeper of the sacred fire.  The sacred fire is the desire that lives within us all and summoning Brigid brings the Sacred Fire to the forefront.  The Sacred Fire spark your creativity and will help you achieve the fame that you've always wanted.  Whether you've always wanted to be a famous writer, musician, actor, dancer, composer, or something else, Brigid's Sacred Fire will give you ability to do these things and to do them well.  You will do them so well, in fact, that when you summon Brigid, you will be on your way to succes, fame, and fortune in no time at all.   

The Muses-- They are the Greek deities who presided over the arts and came to the world to liven things up a bit.  They are known as the party animals of ancient Greek times and they set their hearts upon son and their spirits are free from care.  They really help mortals to lighten up and allow their creativity to flow.  This piece looks as the Muses from a different standpoint, however.  This standpoint is the fact that they all had about them a secret knowledge of astronomy and astrology.  These secrets of the universe were tied together to created the destinies of mankind, because the destinies of mankind were already written in the stars, where the Muses spent much of their time.  When using this piece to conjure the Muses, they will show you your destiny, everthing that it contains.  They will also bring to you a solar energy from the realms in which they play, to change your destiny to have it include anything that you would like to have it include.  You can use this piece as many times as you like, so feel free write and re-write!!

White Buffalo Calf Woman-- That's a mouthful to say, but it is well worth it.  She is the sacred savior who was sent to teach the Natives the way of peace.  Not just peace and goodwill to your neighbors.  It's more than that.  It is also innerpeace.  With this inner peace, the Natives were taught the secret workings of self healing of the soul and of their karma.  It also allowed them to project their inner, core being into the astral and celestial realms, where they were taught the ways of many celestial magicians.  In fact, there is not a magic that they didn't have access to.  With the power of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, you will gain this identical ability.

Isis--  (pronounced Eye-sis) She is the patroness of magic.  Not just Egyptian magic, but of all magic.  She is the goddess that reigns supreme when it comes to sorcery and being able to create a power.  She is called the Goddess of 10,000 names, because of all the many powers that she is able to grant you simply by you asking her.  She represents beauty and femininity and self-confidence.  She is a goddess of the arts and of creativity and even the weather.  However, she is most remembered for being the Grand Patroness of magic, the powers of which she will grant you when you invoke her presence.  

Tara-- In all of her colors, too.  Tara is the much beloved Tibetan Buddhist mother goddess.  She is it.  There are none greater than her.  People around the work chant and evoke her energies daily.  They call upon her presnce from anything like world peace to granting riches to granting love to healing to spiritual cleansing.  Her existence exists along a spectrum of colors and each of her colors holds different properties.  I'm not going to break it down by colors because that would just take way too long.  Just remember that this piece is the embodiment of Tara, so it allows you to call upon her in all of her colors, you are not limited to just one or two.  

The Great Goddess-- She is the mother of all things, as she is the energy that even allows existence.  She is the embodiment of the universal life flow and allows for any and all things to occur.  She controls all the elements and she is all the elements.  These days she is called Mother Earth, but she has been called by many names throughout the ages, as people have been evoking her powers for some 40,000 years.  With this piece, you gain ritualistic magic.  It will allow you to manipulate the elements in the environment around you, anything from moon energy to solar energy, star energy, energy from organic matter, energy from inorganic matter, everything kind of power or energy that has to deal with the elements, you will be able to manipulate into countless kinds of magic.  This is why with this piece, you get the Great Goddess, she will be the guide that teaches you along your journey to truly elemental magic!!