The Bathory Club
The Bathory Club
The Bathory Club

The Bathory Club

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I just want to start out by saying that this piece, despite the fact that it comes from a secret society of the most powerful women, is suitable for both men and women.  The powers do not discriminate and will bring you the results you want regardless of your gender.  I only put this in here, because I that some men will read it and think that because it comes from elite women that it must be for women. No,gentlemen,this is NOT the case.  This is something that women actually wanted to share.  

You've all heard of meetings such as the Bilderburg Group and the Bohemian Grove.  These meetings, while not exclusionary of women, tend to fall under male dominance.  For a change, this piece has bee created by a group of elite women who have banded together to create their own secret society.  Unlike the ranks of their male counterparts, these women have managed to keep their secret gatherings below the radar.  Of course, we go above and beyond to discover these as these, so naturally, we unearthed the groups existence.  

You can think of this group as kind of like a mystery school, but not really founded on the likeness of anything Greek and/or Egyptian.  Instead, this group was founded upon the secret teachings of one Elizabeth Bathory, whom most of you will remember as the Blood Countess.  Her practice during the Middle Ages was to abduct young girls, whom she would falsely accuse and imprison, that way she could use their blood for whatever alchemy it was that she wanted.  There was no limit on what she could do with this blood, but most often, she was obsessed with wearing it as a face mask, the same way Madame Delphine LaLurie wore the blood of her servant girls.  

The blood was used to keep Elizabeth Bathory young and beautiful.  She had found the fountain of youth and immortality in the secret serum of creation-- blood.  I have said this before and I'll say it again; blood is the original energy from the cosmic conscious of the universe.  It is the reason we all need it to survive.  It is the reason that without blood no living thing-- human or animal for that matter-- can survive.  It provides us with the saturation of energies that keeps us alive.  

Bathory knew this, so she kept supply of fresh blood from young victims at all times.  The plan she devised almost worked, too.  Had she not been found out, she might still be ruling somewhere in Europe.  However, she was found out.  She was the walled up in Csetje Castle where she died at the age of 54.  Her supply and secret stashes of blood was mostly disposed of, except for scant supplies here and there.  One of the larger supplies that she was responsible for did not get disposed of, but rather was found in the 1700s when the castle she had ruled from was put under investigation.  

Somehow, somewhere, the blood that she stashed there ended up in the hands of the English nobility.  The rest has pretty much been history, as you can imagine.  It makes me wonder if the whole purpose of the investigation of the castle was to find the blood.  Female higher ups in the royal family began using the blood as Elizabeth Bathory had intended for it to be used upon her own face.  These ladies, unlike Bathory, were able to discover that the older blood was more powerful than newer blood.  However, the blood they took from Bathory's castle wasn't infinite.  When they ran out, that is when the abductions began.  They got away with this, because they got the wives of the nobility involved and nobody wanted to admit their wives might have been at fault.  

Another thing that was found during the investigation was a secret book of instructions that Bathory wrote before her death.  This book was written in blood and gave detailed alchemy rituals that could be performed with the letted blood of any human individual.  Like I said, this was when the abductions started, although nobody noticed at first.  Then, when they did notice, they were involved somehow, so the abductions remained hush hush.  

What I'm getting at is this tradition has been kept up and still goes on with a few rich and famous women in London.  They are members of the royal family, but also government officials and prominent business women.  They are just English, they are from all over the world.  When they meet they bring sacrifices to offer to Elizabeth Bathory.  The blood is then drained out of their sacrifices, and then used to make alchemy spells for whatever kinds of things they want.  

Occasionally this blood is used to make magical items that can be worn that have the same effect as if you were to make your own blood sacrifice.  That's what this piece is. This piece holds a small sampling of the blood sacrifices of the Bathory Club.  It also holds centuries old Bathory blood rites that will allow you to use this piece to get what you want.  Literally, anything that you want.  All you have to do is wear the piece for a little while, to give it time to get used to your blood flow.  Then, you can wish upon the ring and the alchemy powers mixed with the sacrificial blood that has been used to make this ring will grant you whatever request of it.  You can ask for wealth, power, influence, love, whatever.  It has helped many women in Europe rise to the top.  In fact the number of prominent women in Europe is soaring like never before.  Think this is coincidental?  Definitely not!  You need to try this piece today!!  

The proper way to wish while using this piece will be given to you upon purchase of the item!!  This piece holds a fiery red stone to represent the blood of bathory and situated on a gold toned ring.