Aphrodite's Revelation -- Star33
Aphrodite's Revelation -- Star33
Aphrodite's Revelation -- Star33

Aphrodite's Revelation -- Star33

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Aphrodite is well known for being the goddess of all that is love and subsequently beauty, desire, and pleasure. It wasn’t often that she was allowed the opportunity to walk amongst humans but when she did, her beauty was not even slightly lesser than what one might expect from a goddess and so she received plenty of attention.


Ignorant to the fact that the woman right before their eyes was Aphrodite herself, men did not hinder how they would naturally treat a woman. Like this, Aphrodite became incredibly aware of how awful some men could be, leaving her to believe that humans lacked a certain respect for beauty. However, she did not only see this behavior specifically in men. She had seen many women ignorant to their own beauty or often times reckless with it altogether so she often found amusement in meddling.


The majority of her amusement was derived from causing two people to fall in love that could not always freely be together. Regardless of the severity in consequence, Aphrodite would do as she saw fit, often times even venturing to influence a man and woman of polar opposite status to fall in love even though it was typically forbidden.


Most of the time, the romances that she would influence would often fall to pieces and leave two individuals with varying after-effects. From lives only mildly hindered to those entirely ruined, it was all in good fun for Aphrodite.


Every so often, however, there would come a human that would catch her interest in a vaguely different way. It wasn’t always a certain thing to occur, but even a mischievous goddess who found glee in meddling with the love between others, could experience a time in which she was feeling a bit more kind or generous in general.


A woman who had fallen victim to Aphrodite’s little games had lost much in exchange for her forbidden romance, including her love itself. The man, in order to salvage a life of his own, had agreed to part ways with her, leaving her alone to fend for herself. The woman had once been highly respected and beautiful and desired by all eyes that fell upon her. Her beauty, of course, did not even come close to Aphrodite, which was one of the many reasons that the goddess had decided to meddle with her to begin with.


She had believed the woman to be due a lesson or two about vanity and how dangerous of a game it could be. The goddess had even occasionally heard others compare the woman to her own beauty, which was not quite acceptable. No human rivaled the beauty of Aphrodite.


However, even with nothing left, there existed strength in the woman that even the goddess could not ignore. The woman, stripped of her elegance, her heart, and a portion of her beauty, was not entirely broken like most of the others might be in her position and so she stuck out. Even when the woman would be faced with trials beyond those that most may be willing to handle, she did not surrender completely. Aphrodite could not help but find the human worthy of her notice.


One night, Aphrodite chose to appear before the broken woman and offered her a cloth, encouraging her to rise if her body was able. Where others may have remained on the ground, the woman found strength to rise to her feet, insisting that she would be all right and that Aphrodite need not worry. Of course, the woman was not aware that she was in the presence of a goddess.


Which was exactly why, when Aphrodite had revealed herself, the woman’s reaction had appeared more appropriately in the form of shock and humbleness.


Feeling no need to waste time, Aphrodite explained to the woman why she chose to appear. She did not apologize for having ruined the majority of what had once been her life but she did present her with something in hopes that it may help her come back from it all. The piece that was sat in the palm of the woman’s hand was unlike anything the woman had ever seen nor as beautiful as anything she had ever witnessed money buy.


The goddess explained that the holder of the piece would find love that is best suited for her and, provided that the other was not already in love and the romance would not conflict with the other’s free will, it would guide her to the happiness she had earned. With that, Aphrodite had left the woman, ensuring that genuine love reached her soon after.

Even after the woman had gone on to find love, had lived out the rest of her life happily, had died alongside her husband, Aphrodite had chosen to allow the piece to remain in the hands of humans, curious to see what may unfold. She still watches over this piece and ensures that it is not abused. It cannot be used to force one to fall in love with another, it essentially leads the holder to their counter part—the one they are destined to be with.

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