Powers of the Reborn:  The Woman Who Could Heal  -- Star33
Powers of the Reborn:  The Woman Who Could Heal  -- Star33

Powers of the Reborn: The Woman Who Could Heal -- Star33

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More recently, during our travels, we have come across a group of people that practice a ceremony that dates back to the pre-Columbian era in which one or several individuals would bury themselves alive in a shallow grave for an entire day. The people of this group believe that the ceremony must last one entire night and one entire day and they also believe that the men and woman—the ceremony is not restricted to one gender—are buried as one being and emerge as another.

Once we had heard about this ceremony, we of course were curious about the entire process as well as the aftermath.

When asked to elaborate and clarify what kind of men and women tended to rise from the shallow graves, the response was quite vague and the people could not give a clear answer because all people are reborn differently. Despite being unable to answer our question, the people offered to allow us to spectate a live burial, which we immediately agreed to.

Normally this is not something we would be allowed to witness as the ceremony is a very important and sacred time for all of the individuals involved and the slightest disruption could ruin the ceremony completely, denying the individuals rebirth.

Previously, the people had had a healer—one who could heal anyone of anything—but he had passed of old age and so one of their people had fallen ill with something that they were no longer capable of healing. Having heard of Dee Dee, they had requested her help in healing the member of their people, desperate to not lose another one of their own.  After Dee Dee had successfully healed one of their own, the people had offered to allow her to witness one of their most sacred ceremonies from a distance.

We were told that, before the ceremony, multiple people are selected based on both physical and mental maturity, which determines the people who are ready to be reborn and those who must continue to wait. Once the individuals are selected—four had been chosen for the ceremony we were being allowed to witness—they wear minimal clothing, as it is believed to increase the effectiveness of the ceremony, and choose several pieces of jewelry to wear during the process.

The burial itself does not take long. The individuals lie in a shallow grave and are carefully buried beneath healthy soil, their faces the only part of their bodies that remain uncovered. Beyond this, the people lie in the graves deathly still, their eyes closed, their mouths shut, and with several previous reborn nearby watching to ensure that the ceremony goes undisturbed.

We camped out not too far away from the graves, waiting to see if anything particular happened to signify change but nothing appeared to happen through the entire ceremony. We had decided to stay awake to continue to observe the ceremony during the second half of the process despite having stayed awake throughout the night, but there was still nothing to be seen. Not a single one of the individuals moved and it was occasionally easy to forget that we were observing a sacred ceremony—it was very much so the equivalent to watching corpses be, well, corpses.

After one entire night and one entire day, the people were allowed to rise, all of which opened their eyes in unison and rose in unison. Everything they did appeared to be in perfect sync.

Physically, none of the individuals appeared different beneath the dirt but it was apparent, especially in aura that something had changed. It was explained to us that each individual was reborn differently and that, if the ceremony was successful, they would be capable of something that they were not capable of before.

One man had been capable of shifting into whatever he desired, appearing to us as anything he wished to be. We had witnessed him become a several animals including a tiger, a bear, a dog, a cat, and even a small lizard.

The other man seemed to be telekinetically inclined, able to move things with his mind at will.

One of the two women could influence any of us and even some of her own people to feel affection toward her and influence our thoughts in such ways that made them seem as though they had been our own ideas all along.

The other woman was capable of healing mental or physical ailments—much like the member that they had lost before enlisting the help of Dee Dee, which they all seemed particularly delighted about.

Soon after the ceremony had been concluded, the people had decided that, as a final gift for being such a help toward their group and believing that Dee Dee’s presence had helped allow one of the individuals gain the power of the one that they had lost, they gave us one piece of jewelry from each of the reborn to take back with us.

Each piece, as it had been buried and reborn with the individual, is empowered with their respective abilities.

This particular piece is from the woman who can heal. With this piece, you will be able to heal others, mentally and physically.