Aroura Willow Grants It All!! -- Star33

Aroura Willow Grants It All!! -- Star33

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Aroura Willow was the eldest of three children. Her father was a huntsmen and her mother had been a witch. Aroura was the only one of the three children to be born with her mother’s power. Her mother, Mira Willow, had noticed it early on, acting quickly to hide any traces of it from her husband and two other children, knowing well that her husband especially would not react positively to being married to a witch much less being the father of one.


Aroura, even as a child, did not understand why she needed to hide who she really was, especially not from her father but she did as she was told anyway and grew over the years under the veil of a normal girl. As she grew, eventually reaching adulthood, the feeling of oppression was great. Aroura felt very much like a caged bird who could barely expect to breathe without fearing that someone might find out about her or her mother. She had barely even explored any parts of whom she really was because she had spent her entire life up until that moment learning how to be someone else.


Slowly but surely, Aroura began to explore her own capabilities in secret. Whenever she would run an errand for her mother, she would be sure to devote time to herself in hopes that she may eventually discover who she really was and what it meant to have the gift of being a witch.


Over a couple of years, allowing herself to embrace being a witch every so often, did lead Aoura to wanting more. It was just a slight and irritating itch in the back of her mind at first but it eventually grew into something that she couldn’t just overlook. Aroura could feel that she was powerful and that what was being kept locked away inside of her was both a waste of potential and the key parts of who she truly was.


Eventually reaching he point of no longer wanting to hide, Aroura attempted to go to her mother and express her feelings, but had almost instantly been silenced. Aroura’s mother believed her to be childish and ungrateful and it disgusted Aroura beyond endurance for her own blood, someone exactly like her in every way, to reject who they truly were so adamantly. It was completely beyond her how her mother could just live normally, pretending to be someone and something she wasn’t.


Slighted, Aroura did not approach her mother again. Instead, she pursued it in secret. She convinced herself that it was her mother’s choice if she herself did not want to embrace who she truly was but that did not mean that Aroura needed to reject being a witch as well.


With time and practice, Aroura’s power grew alongside her control over it. She could influence someone else’s thoughts with her own, allowing her to often times get whatever she wanted with little effort. She could instill emotions. She could manipulate one’s will and even make them do things for her if she so wished. These were all things that she acknowledged to be powerful capabilities but she knew that there was room for her to be stronger. There had to be.


Over time, Aroura had begun exploring other ways to hone her abilities. There were so many things she came across the more she searched and she wanted more than anything to be able to do them all. Eventually, it wasn’t just a case of learning about herself and her magic more thoroughly…


Aroura had grown to desire the ability to be powerful enough to live as a witch openly.


She knew of ways—theories—her mother had mentioned to her many years ago when she had still be willing to humor Aroura’s naïve questions about witches but her mother had always spoken in terms of weak witches tampering with magic they neither understood or could handle. Aroura didn’t believe herself to be weak and her mother had always told her that they both came from a strong bloodline.


It wasn’t much more beyond that that had Aroura convincing herself to explore her own wishes to be stronger.


Her mother was not ignorant to her child’s attempts to further her magic and had thus not hesitated to confront her. The second her mother confronted her, however, Aroura had attempted to silence her as she had been silenced many times before, feeling herself powerful enough to even stand up to her mother.


Watching her child be taken by her own power was something that was particularly hard for Mira to watch. Right before her eyes, her beautiful daughter seemed to be losing herself.


A large part of Mira, the part that was a mother, wanted to believe that her child would bounce back from it all but the wiser part, the witch in her, could sense that evil would manifest from the greed growing in Aroura. It needed to be stopped before it was too late and a witch’s power was nothing to underestimate.


Mira decided to comfort Aroura, promising the girl that they would come together and cease their hiding soon enough as long as she had the patience to get there. Feeling as though her mother—someone in general—was finally listening, it didn’t take much to calm Aroura and to keep her content long enough for Mira to find an alternative. It took time and the solution that was found seemed incredibly cruel, but Mira knew in her heart that it was necessary.


On the day that Mira had promised to show Aroura how to fully hone her power, she had presented her daughter with a piece of jewelry, expressing to her that it would both help and keep her safe on their journey. Not thinking much of it and assuming it to be a gesture of affection, Aroura accepted the piece. As soon as she touched it, however, she felt drained and so weak that she couldn’t prevent her legs from giving out beneath her. Too late, Aroura realized her mother had betrayed her and instantly attempted to use her magic to retaliate but nothing happened.


A look of disappointment on her face, Mira listened to Aroura question what she had done. Calmly, Mira informed Aroura that she had been abusing her power and was now limited to what the piece would allow her—anything she wanted within reason.


Feeling betrayed, Aroura had spitefully taken the piece within which her magic was trapped and thrown it into a nearby river the very next day. It felt as though it were no use to her and existed only as a means to taunt her whenever she looked at it. That same day, she had disappeared completely, making absolutely sure that even her mother could never find her again.


The piece was found some time later, granting a portion of Aroura’s power to the holder, regardless of whatever is desired. Be it love, power, or fortune, the piece will grant it. However, be aware, Mira’s will is still in place and the piece cannot be used to upset balance amongst witches or bring harm to others.