The Witching Hour, A Most Powerful Item -- Star33
The Witching Hour, A Most Powerful Item -- Star33
The Witching Hour, A Most Powerful Item -- Star33

The Witching Hour, A Most Powerful Item -- Star33

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For years, Jane Bennet, the wife of a man who was always travelling had allowed her heart to end up in the hands of another. Unlike her husband, the man that she had grown to love paid far more attention to her, appeared to want to give her all that was within his capability to give, and was always there for her in times of need. Patrick Turner was everything she believed a husband should be.


Regardless of how well the man treated her or how prominent he had grown to be in her heart, Jane couldn’t help but keep from him the same secret that she kept from everyone else.


Her secret was that she came from a family of witches. She, herself, did not possess as much power as some of the witches of the family—her magic revolved more around herbs and lesser spells—but she knew that she could not tell him such a secret without endangering herself or her family, especially when talk of witch hunting had been rising so much more often than usual. Neither men in her life could know who she truly was.


Despite this, her relationship with Patrick had remained, at least on her part, vaguely shallower than she would have liked in light of the fact that, witch or not, she was married and adultery was a law that very few could run from. She felt trapped.


More than anything, Jane had grown to want a different life. She grew to desire it so much that, out of sheer desperation to finally make a change for the better, she had sought out the help of a particularly strong witch within her family—her grandmother, Alyza Bennet.


When she came to the witch, expressing all that she wanted—to be freed from her current husband, allowed a safe life elsewhere with the man she loved, and children that did not need to fear being identified as witches—Alyza at first told her that the exchange would be unfair and not quite something that any witch would or should consider. However, Jane was certain in her choices about what she wanted her life to become and thus assumed that whatever would be asked of her in exchange for her happiness would not be impossible for her to give.


She insisted on Alyza helping her if she knew the way. Reluctantly, Alyza agreed to help Jane with her wishes for a normal, safe, and happy life at the side of one Patrick Turner… if she agreed to surrender her magic.


At first, Jane had been silenced with surprise, not understand how her happiness would have to come at such a high price. It was a tough choice, one that would ruin her reputation and brand her as the witch who surrendered her magic in exchange for love of all things. Even to her own ears, it sounded absolutely awful.


Regardless, when she thought about her current husband, her current life, Patrick, and the fact that she couldn’t openly embrace being a witch anyway, she could only see it as something that held her back from being truly happy.


The idea of surrendering something that could get her killed if anyone were to find out about it in exchange for a happy normal life with the man she loved seemed like a difficult be clear choice.


Jane agreed, insisting that she would be willing to surrender her magic as long as it meant that she would receive all that was promised.


Alyza, in the belief that her granddaughter was thinking rashly, had attempted to encourage the girl to rethink her decision or to at least take some time to think it over but Jane would not hear any of it. She insisted that she knew what she wanted and that the only way that she believed it was possible was the way Alyza was offering it to her.


Disappointed and even a little unwillingly, Alyza suddenly refused. She had not expected Jane to actually agree and the idea of being the one to take the power away from one of her own felt sickening. Jane, however, did not want to accept the answer she was being given all of a sudden, not seeing things in the same way as her grandmother. Even when Alyza sent her away, she would return and attempt to convince her grandmother to help her. Each time, Alyza refused.


It wasn’t until Jane threatened to go to the first witch that might be willing to help her that Alyza reconsidered. The idea of her grandchild going off and potentially being betrayed in exchange for her magic was even more off-putting than being the one to help her surrender it all together. Despite that, it couldn’t be denied that if she were the one to do it, at least she could ensure that Jane got what she wanted out of giving up who she truly was.


Reluctantly, Alyza finally agreed but under the condition that Jane give her time to find a way that might be preferable to relinquishing her magic and destroying it altogether.


With time, Alyza eventually found that there was no way to preserve Jane’s magic in exchange for all that Jane was asking for but when it came time to make the exchange, Alyza had decided that she needed to take precautions regardless. After the spell had been completed and Jane sat before her entirely ordinary, Alyza presented Jane with a piece of jewelry within which a portion of her own magic was encased.


Alyza, before Jane could even think of rejecting the gift, had expressed that it was her way of ensure that she remained safe without magic of her own. To appease her grandmother, Jane accepted the piece and left her to pursue her life with the man she was now free to be with… but she had no intentions on keeping the piece for herself. At first opportunity, Jane was rid of the gift and distanced herself from her family of witches to ensure there would be no way for the life she had desired all along to be ruined.

This piece holds all the powers that Alyza had gained as a witch.  This includes the powers to grant wishes, the powers to create wealth, the ability to shape-shift into a familiar form, the ability to cast spells, the ability to throw hexes, the ability to astral travel among magical realms, psychic ability, and the ability to grant protection, healing, and wellness.  She was a very powerflul witch, so this is a very powerful piece.