Eternal Love, Until Our Dying Da -- Star33

Eternal Love, Until Our Dying Da -- Star33

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A woman named Madeline Vain had fallen in love with a man who had introduced himself as Damon Mill, his smile charming and handsome, his interest in her apparent. He had had her heart with a single smile and it wasn’t much longer after that before they had fallen deeply in love.

Damon had secrets, which was something that was known to Madeline relatively early on. There was something strange about the man she had chosen to love, especially considering the fact that Damon would vanish in the middle of the night, run off on strange errands, and occasionally appear incredibly dismissive or evasive when she expressed interest in certain things he had been up to. Madeline had needed to reason with herself that her trust in Damon was supposed to be enough to find comfort and faith in whatever he was up to.

However, it was only natural that her faith be questioned when one night, Damon had returned wounded, the laceration on his arm oozing a black substance while he rambled on about a curse and what he needed her to do to combat it. It was that same night that Madeline had learned of the existence of evil spirits, her love’s involvement in trying to eradicate them, and how to counteract a curse, which Damon had struggled to walk her through while fighting the urge to lose consciousness.

It was one of the scariest and most intense nights of her life but Madeline had managed to successfully cleanse Damon of the curse, leaving him unconscious for two days after, during which she had never left his side.

When Damon had woken up, Madeline had threatened to leave him if he dared insist any longer to keep secrets from her, especially after what she had witnessed and had been made to go through two nights prior.

Not wanting to risk losing her, Damon revealed his knowledge of evil spirits. On any other day, Madeline whom had been raised to never believe in and had been otherwise ignorant toward said aforementioned spirits may not have been inclined to believe him. That, however, was before what she had experienced two nights before.

Overwhelmed, Madeline was ridden with fear and had begun eating and sleeping much less, always afraid that Damon might disappear and never return, leaving her all alone in a world where evil spirits existed. Becoming aware of something dangerous that she had never known to be real before had simply made it difficult to function and carry on normally.

Able to see how negatively his secrets were affecting her, Damon sought out the help of a friend—a witch that he had aided years prior whom has since then been in his debt—and asked for her help.

At first, the simplest thing that was considered was making Madeline forget he had ever told her anything about the existence of evil spirits or his involvement with them. However, Damon soon decided that he couldn’t do such a thing to the woman he loved and requested something else, something to keep her safe from evil spirits as well as put her mind at ease.

The witch sent him away, instructing him to return in several days while she searched for something that might help him.

Several days had gone by, during which, Damon had stayed with Madeline to keep her mind at ease, wanting her to feel safe as well as not have to worry about him either. When it came time for Damon to return to the witch, Madeline was at his side and the witch appeared before them with two pieces that she instructed them to carry at all times. She promised them that they would keep them safe, making them entirely invisible to evil spirits.

Madeline had been unable to readily take the witch’s word for it and had immediately questioned the validity of the pieces they had been given. The witch, confident in her own power, had confidently instructed the pair to equip the pieces she had offered. A moment later, Madeline appeared awestruck as she looked to her love, able to feel his entire being. From his heartbeat, to his breath, to his very love for her, it felt as though they were one.

The witch addressed this, seemingly aware of what the pair were feeling without words. She told them that for as long as they could feel each other, they would be safe—the pieces bonded them and fed off of their energy to ward off evil spirits. From that day forward, regardless of whether or not Damon was constantly at her side, being able to always feel his presence comforted Madeline.

Fifty-five years after receiving the pieces, the couple passed away together, seemingly on the same night, the pieces still on their person. The pair had never had children and so their belongings were scattered amongst those willing to buy them, including the pieces that had been given to them years before.


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