King Tut's Bloody Knife
King Tut's Bloody Knife

King Tut's Bloody Knife

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For anybody who is into Egyptian mysticism, then this piece is for you.  This piece was sent to use to from a connection that we have in Cairo.  It was made by an Order of Illuminati high priests.  However, when I say Illuminati, I don't mean the Illuminati that you see or hear about in the mainstream.  What I mean is the actual, ancient sacred  mystery school that was developed in ancient times.  This mystery school practices a magic that is based off of teachings that were given to them when they were visited by immortal and enlightened beings; hence, the name Illuminati.  

Years ago, when working on the excavation of King Tut's chamber, a dagger that was made entirely of meteorite was discovered by the tomb of the boy king.  What this goes to show is the ancient people were given a keen sense of different types of metal and minerals that were on Earth far before the advanced Western civilization.  The alchemy involved in crafting these metals was just one of the secrets that the enlightened race brought to the Egyptians and it was used to create all sorts of things.  The dagger found in King Tut's sarcophagus was just one of them.  
This dagger has since been on display at a historical museum.  What researchers, archaeologists and others don't know is that there are more than one of these daggers.  The one that King Tut was buried with was his burial dagger.  He was customarily buried with this dagger, but it is not the one that he actually used to do his "dirty work."  The other dagger was handed down to the Illuminati, the ancient mystery school, so that way they could use it for they needed.  

The existence of the dagger is so important because it is the implement that King Tut used when making blood sacrifices to the enlightened ones that visited his kingdom well before he took the reigns of his country.  These blood sacrifices were done within a secret chamber in the base of the pyramid that would summon the enlightened race to the capstone of the pyramid.  This would bring magic and knowledge that would flow through the living pyramids.  There was a secret well beneath the bast of the pyramid that the Pharaohs would drink from that not only gave them power and knowledge, but gave them ancient froms of knowledge from the universe.  This allowed the Pharaohs the ability to become gods on Earth and they were venerated as such.  
The ring that we are offering you has touched the blade that King Tut performed his blood sacrifices and blood rituals with.  The  knife belongs to the current rank and file of the modern-day Illuminati mystery school.  The energy has been manipulated and placed from the dagger into this ring.  The dagger still holds its powers.  What I am saying is that this ring is a replication of the power in that knife.  Having and wearing this ring will take the place of having to perform blood rites.  The same enlightened race that came to the Egyptians will come to you in their original form.  They will treat your third eye as the capstone and their power, energy, and knowledge will be transferred into you third eye, as if you were plugged into a computer and everything you've ever wanted to know was uploaded into your brain.  This gives you the ability to close your eyes and scan the knowledge when you want to know something.  For instance, you can create your own powers and abilities. There are no limits on what you can create when using this piece, because it completely dual in nature-- it will do both and it will create whatever you tell it to.  All you have do is close your eyes and scan the knowledge that will run through the front of your brain like a television.  It will show you how to create the power, magic, or ability you want.