Ancient Forbidden Ink -- Star33

Ancient Forbidden Ink -- Star33

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This ink is a mixture of blood, a variety of oils and herbs, none of which we intend to reveal.

It is not known for certain when the use of magical ink to achieve wishes had begun but it is one of the older methods a magician would refer to in place of others.

Take a writing implement of your choice—it can be anything with which one can write—and dip it in the ink and write what you desire down on any type of paper. Once you’ve written down what you intend to wish for—it doesn’t matter if it is written clearly—and then verbally say the incantation as written below.

Send the truthful seer out of the holy shrine . . . Lampsuter, Sumarta, Baribas, Dardalem, Iorlex . . . Anuth, Anuth, Salbana, Chambre, Brieth . . . Come this very night.

This was made by magicians who studied inside the Hell Fire club when the Hell Fire club was not being used for orgies, rituals, or blood sacrifices. This ancient mixture comes from those days when the magicians studied things like how to make this forbidden ink. We were lucky enough to meet someone whose great great great great grandfather was friends with Dashwood who took part in the magical studies.