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The Mass of Saint Secaire is a dark magical ritual in which a man or woman is brought to death prematurely, after which they will experience the afterlife peacefully. What actually occurs is murder in exchange for dark knowledge, the purpose of which is to empower the priest with abilities, which are all dependent on the priest and the power that they already possess.


Those willing to partake in the Mass of Saint Secaire are aware of many forms of magic that can be obtained through the ritual, often seeking immortality above all else. More often than not, the outcome of the ritual is more limited to shape shifting, telekinesis, or immunity to illness. Only a handful of these particular rituals are said to have resulted in immortality and the individuals said to have achieved it are unknown.


Immortality, a dark temptation, despite not being a negative gift, is desired amongst many in hopes of achieving copious amounts of knowledge not feasible over just one lifetime. Just imagining all that can be gained over many lifetimes is enough to turn the hearts of the purest of men.


Often times, the rite is believed to only be performed by what can best be described as despicable and traitorous priests whom had turned to black magic with the intention of gaining otherwise forbidden knowledge, which denies many priests the ability to achieve immortality. That being said, it is also one of the few achievements that is never put in to a vessel and if it ever has, the one responsible was very diligent about keeping the piece hidden.


Recently, we have discovered a priest whom had once contributed his entire lifetime to being a pure priest before he had become acutely aware of his age and what little time he had left. With so little time remaining in life, the priest had begun to utilize the majority of his time remaining searching for a way to prolong his life. Eventually he came across a ritual—the Mass of Saint Secaire—with many other rituals just like it that promised far more knowledge than all that he had gained in his lifetime thus far. He became aware of all that he could achieve if he only allowed himself to explore black magic.


The limitless potential was undeniable and it didn’t take time to sway the priest into making a choice.


The priest had declined to reveal just how long he had been alive, but he had admitted to becoming willing and ready to die so we believe that the man we had encountered has been alive for centuries. When asked how he has remained alive for so long, the man told us about his dealings with black magic and how he had achieved his immortality.


He also revealed that, after performing the rite and finding that he had achieved immortality, the priest had lived for two lifetimes before he had decided to transfer the magic to a vessel to preserve the magic earned by the ceremony. He had grown to believe that he was destined to reach a point where he would eventually be ready to die, after which he would part with the piece he would otherwise keep with him at all times. Ever since, the priest had kept the piece on his person.


No sooner than he had told us this, the man had handed the stone over but had not removed his hand from it even after having placed it in the palm of one of our own. The man had talked about some of the many memories that he had to offer about the things he had done, learned, and experienced over the course of the many lifetimes he had lived. For several hours, the man had gone on like this, until he had grown weary.


He had expressed that this was how he had always planned the end of his immortality. He had wished for his death to come like sleep would come to any other man. His final request was that the piece not be destroyed. Upon falling asleep, the second the piece was removed from the priest’s person, the body dissolved into a cloud of dust. The piece, however, remained unchanged.


This piece will grant you immortality, with which you can achieve anything.

This is a 14k gold ring with sterling silver and it is a antique. This not only gives immortality but the ability to have the wealth you need to sustain all the years you live. A very rare ring with stars going around it to represent eternity.