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The secret chiefs communicate with those who practice the occult and show a natural ability towards magic. They were very active with the Rosicrucians and many well known others. Crowley was one of them as was King Solomon. Not many know about what exactly these entities are but whoever they are they know almost everything.

Getting on now to what this piece is. First it was found stuck in a mans eye back in the 40's.  This man went to the Grand Canyon and was met by three men in mirrored suits. The clothes they were would become see through and you could see the organs beating and blood moving. The organs were like ours except for the brain. The brain held one stem but four balls of brain branching off of it. They said that each brain could see and move through two dimensions and that is what made them secret chiefs. The brains which you could watch moving and beating in their heads looked like little caulifowers.
While walking they showed him these symbols which were codes to open the bottom walls of the canyon. They said everything had to do with math and all could be obtained by understanding it. So they showed him how to stop time,move the walls and enter into another dimension. He moved through the 1910's and saw relatives. He moved through the 40's and saw the war to come with Hitler. The Secret Chiefs told him that had to happen! Apparently they know all. As I used the piece I saw another huge terrorist attack on this country! My guess is that it can't be stopped.
Moving away from the time, past and present from this dimension he moved on to totally different lands. These places had beings from a land called MU. These beings knew of us and claimed they created us. I guess they could be lying. Those people? were a pale shade of orange. The man was told it was from minerals in the water they drank. 
There is so much to tell about this one but I'm just going to get what this wood can do. First he entered into another dimension that looked like nothing but a wooded forrest but all the trees, leaves and plant life could speak. Yes I know it sounds strange but I have tested this and used it time and time again. I don't expect most to believe me but that's okay. I know what I experienced.
As he was walking he fell and caught his eye on a branch. He heard the three men say something about it was just as expected and right on time. They stood him up and walked him out and told him to have it removed but to keep it.
Over the next few years he coudl communciate with all beings and took lessons from the secret chiefs. He became one of the most powerful men of his time. I was given this by his family and I must keep it secret.
How do you use it? You will hold it between your two hands after placing a little oil on them and rub them together. You will then touch your third eye,both hands and close your eyes for 30 minutes. Your opening yourself up to all the power of the secret chiefs and pure power for yourself.
This is one rare piece