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A man went to a hotel to check in after a long day of traveling. When he got to the front desk the employee gave him his room key, but warned him not to go near the room next to his that did not have a room # on the door.

The traveler was exhausted and went to his room and went right to bed. He ended up not being able to sleep as his curiosity got the better of him and he couldn't sleep until he knew why he was warned to stay away.

He crept the few feet down the hall and looked through the keyhole. He could see a radiating light and the figure of a woman sitting on the bed.... nothing seemed odd, maybe it was just a room used by employees?!

Anyway, he went back to his room and was finally able to go to bed. In the morning he decided to take a peek again, as there was a pull towards the room.

This time when he looked into the keyhole he saw a tantalizing red color?

He was only staying the one night, as he had to get back on the road, but couldn't help but ask when he checked out what the deal was with that room.

The employee said, "you looked through the keyhole, didn't you?"

The man could not lie and said yes.

The worker told him that a woman was murdered by her husband in that room and that her presence is still noted to be in the room. He said that people who have seen her said that she looks normal, except for her radiating red eyes.

The man was freaked out -- she must have been looking through the keyhole back at him!!

He had a chill run up his spine. The traveler is a customer of ours, and he contacted Deedee to tell her about the hotel.

She called and talked to the staff member, his name is Andrew. Andrew said that he would let us in the room, but could not rent us the room for the night, as it was the hotels policy not to allow anyone to stay in that room, due to safety reasons. I guess the last couple to stay in there had a scare, when the man had a heart attack, and it was believed to be linked to his fear of witnessing the woman's ghost!

We went to the hotel and investigated a few months ago -- and found this amazing piece in the room. It has been locked up for several years, no one had been it since 2009. The last several people who were brave enough to try and go in didn't make it past the door, as the energies evaded them as they touched the door handle.

With specializing in paranormal activity, and spirits, Deedee had no issues and went in. The room was cold and very energetic, but she said that it was pristine and clean. For not being opened in about 3 years the room had no dust... it was quite odd.

Anyway, after searching the room she found this piece. It was very warm and made Deedee's arm shake when she held it. She then channeled the woman and found out her name was Margaret Schott.

The pulling of her spirit allowed for Deedee to bring her to peace and take her out of the room. Margaret is now within this item and will protect and empower the person who adorns it.

Margaret told Deedee that she was completely blinded by her husbands act of love and caring, that she had no idea he was having an affair and strung her along for money and security.

After realizing that a big life insurance policy had been taken out on her, she confronted her husband while they were on their annual beach vacation.

In a frenzy his eyes got big and when she didn't back down with the questions he smashed her over the head with one of the lamps on the nightstand. After she passed out, he panicked and tried to make it look like an accident that she fell and hit her head, when he went to move her body he realized that when she fell over she landed on a razor blade that was on the ground, she had it in her hand in case he tried to attack her.

Since she didn't see him coming from behind with the lamp she had no time to react. The blade punctured her throat causing major bleeding and she eventually bled to death.

Her husband took off and still had never been found. Well Deedee utilized Margaret's spirit to gain all the information she could and along with her channeled strength of power, she was able to 'see' him in Morocco. The street address resonated in her mind.

Normally we handle things on our own, but she contacted Doug, a friend who works for the FBI, and told him about what happened. He knows that Deedee is legit, and convinced his boss to send someone to Morocco.

Long story short, he was there, caught and now is on death row! Margaret was at peace from having someone able to communicate with her after all this time, but after her husband, Michael, was captured she was completely purified.

She adorned this piece with her spirit to stay near Deedee, and after she was helped she moved on to rest in eternity, but left an embrace of her energies and power.

Margaret was a prominent caster who was able to bring about clearance, healing and serenity to anyone. She mastered spells and witchcraft, and this is a reason why she feels her husband began to look elsewhere, however she said he knew it from the start, but just didn't believe that she could do anything.

This piece will fill you with protection as her awareness in death became vibrant from her naive state in life, and it will endure your body with elements of clairsentience, clairvoyance, the ability to read and understand auras and psychometric enrichment.

Very empowering piece that institutes a tragic death into your life to awaken powers to prosper your life~