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What you see is not always what you get

So we all know the statement 'drink until they are hot'... as many people become horny and try to get in anyone's pants.

Then there are prudent people who act as if a one night fling is the most horrible thing in the world... come on, everyone needs some good loving every now and again.

Anyway, this is a sexual charger that was invoked by Grizzelle. She has an ailment for love pieces, but also knows that some people are not ready for their soul mate yet, and so she utilized an erratic sexual spell of lust that was in her ancestral grandmothers diary of spells!

Men think that boobs are like the sun, okay to look at, but dangerous to stare at --- but that is what sunglasses are for!! :)

They often look too long, say dumb things and mess up their chances of getting any pleasure from an attractive woman. Women are just as bad though, they get giddy, or act shy when a sexy piece of beef cake enters the room.

These sexual chargers empower your flow of admiration and channel the facets of your spirit to free you from clamming up, or staring and being a creeper.

Most of the actions are done without realizing how they come across to others. The majority of people are not 100% comfortable in their own skin, they try to act as if they are, and then send off bad vibes.

This is the token item that you need to break down the barriers of not only those you desire, but yourself as well -- you will not mess up and say something dumb, or look too long, as with the energy in these items your body will conspire the enrichment of swagger.

The natural components of sexual allure that we all have gets buried within and often only is seen only after we are in a relationship and are happy. Again this is why there ends up being relationship issues... as we get with someone and then everyone else wants to be with us -- you always want what you can't have... or so they say, but now you can!!

No more waiting for the particles of the generative bar scene to end up with another dud who can't pleasure you unless you are intoxicated --- get a sensational ride of exploding joy and excitement when you get one of these pieces!!

You will have the electrifying charge to impede your needs and attract a sexy mate to have fun with~!!