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Female vampires love to wear long, jeweled necklaces. Most vampires will be in all black and capture the color in their jewelry as well. There are colored pieces, however, that are worn in more public settings when a vampire is being inconspicuous and trying to blend in. The blood of the wealthy is normally erotic to hungry predators and they love to attend formal balls and events to get prey.

People often wander what happens to high profile individuals who seem to be “missing”; when in reality they will not be seen again because they were a scrumptious dinner for a vampire. We have a piece worn by a female vampire who was killed at a political event in Washington, D.C. in the early 80’s.

She tried to attack the daughter of a governor who went into the kitchen to try and find a toothpick. The vampire must have figured that she would have had more of a chance to strike, out of the limelight of the main event, and followed the woman. When she lashed at the woman she missed biting her and the woman was able to grab a knife off the prep table. They struggled, but in the end the vampire was stabbed through the heart and was killed.

Rumors of the story got out, but most people did not believe the idea of a vampire; the governor’s daughter was not charged with any wrong doing and the body of the dead vampire was discarded of. The body was later found in the woods and stripped of the jewelry, one piece which we are lucky enough to be offering.

This necklace attachment is spectacular and contains two oval adornments along with a circular adornment at the bottom. The orange, glittering color is mesmerizing and this is a piece that will be adored by all who come across it. This piece was originally with a Master Vampire which was the females father. It holds a power that can destroy other vampires no matter how evil. This piece is an antique.