Orignal Nazi Dimenstional Portal Jumper
Orignal Nazi Dimenstional Portal Jumper

Orignal Nazi Dimenstional Portal Jumper

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Let's forget about the taboos that go along with being a participant of the Nazi movement in Germany.  You can't really hold it against some of them, because they had no choice but to partake of the party.  The alternative was death.  They were pretty much forced.  With that being said, there are those that were willing to pledge allegiance to Hitler.  Despite the fact that they committed heinous crimes against humanity, there were plenty of Nazis that were brilliant.  Hitler himself had the IQ of a genius.  Somewhere along the line he developed hate for just about everybody that existed, which is why he decided to genocide the Jews and virtually every other minority group in his path, including his very own people.  Some people with high IQs don't have much in the way of common sense.  Albert Einstein couldn't even tie his own sneakers.  It's just something that clicks on in the intelligence level that makes other, more common areas of the brain shut off.  It's okay by us, though, because the ingenious of others-- specifically some German Nazis-- are why we are able to offer you this piece today. 

After viewing pictures of an abandon network of tunnels in Northern Germany, we set to work to find out a few things.  First, we needed to find out if these tunnels actually existed.  We didn't find the original authors of the post, rather some obscure follower of the paranormal, who gave us precise directions to the entrance of the tunnel.  He begged to come on the investigation with us, but unfortunately we had to decline.  These investigations get pretty heavy at times and we have our hands full dealing with ourselves sometimes.  This is why we took protection pieces with us, but we didn't have enough for him, so he had to stay behind.  Obviously, you'd gather from what I've written that the investigation ensued.  These are the findings.  

The entrance to the underground network of tunnels and chambers was rather uninviting.  It wasn't that it was necessarily hostile in any way, but it was hard on the eyes.  It has the kind of appearance that would make anybody other than ourselves, and apparently the guy I told you about earlier, say "Yeah, forget that.  I'm not going in there."  We live by the motto, "No guts, no glory."  The air of the place hung heavy and despite that fact that none of use really wanted to be there, we trudged on.  

During our exploration of the halls and chambers, Deedee told us that she could tell that at least some of the chambers were used for gassing Jews, or whomever else posed a disinterest in Hitler's eyes.  She could feel the death hanging in the air and the presence of discontent souls that hung around the chambers like a hub of spirit presence.  We took a network of several series of turns.  The thing about us is that we can always rely on ourselves, because Deedee's psychic ability is stellar and always seems to work.  This way, we knew we were going to be able to find our way out, so we weren't really to worried about getting beat out by the design of the network.  It was built to confuse people, simply due to secrets that the bottom most chambers of the network held.  The labyrinth of passages overlapped and led through one another.  There were warning messages on the wall, such as "help!" and "All hope abandoned for those who enter here."  We didn't much care.  Like I've said, we had very strong white light pieces with us, so we were more or less set to go.  We kept on.

It was hard not to notice that despite the fact that there was corrosion and mold growing in most places, along with growths coming out of the ceiling, that this was once a state-of-the-art facility with some rooms boasting rustic machinery with signs that read such phrases as "warning", "high-voltage", and "stay back"-- only the German versions of these phrases.  The further down we got (the network seemed to lead diagonally into the ground), the more stagnant the air got and the more difficult it became to breath.  Deedee kept getting flashes of images in her head and pretty much refused to turn around, so we all pretty much toughed it out, but it was all worth it in the end.  When we stepped into the room with the huge machine, we still had no idea what was going to happen, despite the fact that Deedee uttered the words, "this is the one."  We didn't even know what that meant and it was hard to tell whether she knew herself what she was speaking, because sometimes she does and sometimes are visions are there, but they can be ambiguous.  We asked her what was going on, but she either didn't know, like us, or she was to concentrated on the power that she didn't answer us.

We walked over to the machine, where there was some German writing that Deedee said read, "Place hand here."  We all looked around at each other like we weren't sure if we actually wanted to do it or not.  Then, with nervous laughter, I put my hand in front of me, outstretched all the way.  I blew some dust off of the machine and that is when I saw the outline of a human hand traced on the machines.  It relieved my nerves a little bit knowing that whatever the machine was, had to have been used by somebody as some point in time for an operation that apparently worked then.  Besides, what were the chances that this machine really worked anymore. I cautiously placed my hand on the machine.  It an instant the whole room flashed to life.  The machine started whirring as if it hadn't been sitting there for decade.  It started making strange sounds, then out of the wall came a few giant lenses.  It was clear that whatever was going on was happening with the chemistry of body the human genome that exists within my body.  Lights at the top of the room flickered on and off.  It was literally like something you would see in an old sci-fi horror movie or at one of those Halloween fests that you pay $1,000 to get into to have some actors scare the crap out of you.

As this huge lens descended from the ceiling, I could see that inside the lens was an energy.  It swirled around, like a kaleidoscope.  As it came down, my interest level intensified and I was so much creeped out anymore, as I was curious.  It came down and I stood face to face with it.  I realized that the energies I had seen swirling around were actually parallel universes and other realms of existence.  The lens was for me to see through; or at least I thought.  I held my hand up to the power and touched what I thought was a lens or looking glass, instead, when I did this I found the power encompassing me as I was sucked through the piece into another realm.  In this realm is where I learned the truth about the machine.  It was gift that was given to the Nazis from an alien realm.  We all know that they Nazi were especially into the occult and time travel, space travel, etc.  Well, this machine was one of their sources of doing so.  With the power that the machine possessed, you could literally travel anywhere in existed that you wanted to.  You could jump through dimensions as your own pace and at your own free will.  Whenever you were ready to return, you could do so, just by thinking it.  This power is all done by the power of the brain and how it communicates with the machine.  The race that I got my answers from was very intelligent.  This kind of travel stuff comes naturally to them and in their realm there are intergalactic maps, where all you have to do is tap on a screen where you want to go, and the next thing you know, a dimensional portal shows up and you are off to where you want to go.  They were kind of humanoid in appearance, but with exaggerated features and a third eye on top of their forehead that never blinked.  They had these trails of light that followed them everywhere and they didn't seem like hostile creatures at all.  

When I was ready to go back, I was informed to think of the spot I was before I left to go there.  It was in that hallway, in the chamber.  So, that is where I was turned to.  Deedee simply looked at me and said, "What the hell was that?!"  I explained what had happened and we conducted a thorough investigation of the machine and we found this piece in one of the compartments. Now, I'm not sure how old this piece is.  I know that it isn't brand new, but I know it's not an antique either.  In fact, I'm not so thoroughly convinced that people have stopped using this machine at all.  I mean, if it was that easy for us to just walk right up to it and use it, I highly doubt that it is difficult for others to use.  In fact, I would wager that it is probably still being used for "official" use, although I have no proof, it's just speculation.  Either way, it's not really important how old the piece is or from where it came, because it does the same thing as the machine itself.  I think it was made as a more portable way to carry this power around with you.  Why it was left behind, I have no clue.  We took it though, and now we are offering it to you guys.  

With this piece, you gaze through the large hole in the center of the piece, although all three of the circles contain powers.  You will eventually allow your body to become into a meditative state and allow your mind to wonder.  You will notice that your reality will start to become hazy and the power in the spy glass of this piece will become quite apparent.  Let it take over your body.  Allow yourself to feel the energy and then in your mind envision where you would like to travel.  The thing is, if you allow your mind to remain blank, then this piece will pull you through a  dimensional rift to show you all of the places that exist parallel to our own.  You probably won't be able to visit even half of them in one use of this piece.  That is how big the expanse of true reality is.  Once the rest of reality is shown to you, you can choose where you want to travel to.  You can also use this piece to travel to any thought form that is inside your brain.  What I mean, is you can think of any type of existence, no matter it is, and you will be able to travel there.  It is pretty straight forward in the ability you will get when selecting this piece.  The power is an original from Nazi Germany, that was given to them by ETs they had made contact with them during the war.  It will allow you to open up and jump through whichever dimensional portal you choose, just make sure you are following the instructions that I've given you.  You will experience a power like the ones in this a piece, again.  It is a one of a kind.

Oh, obviously, we were able to backtrack and get out of the labyrinth.  Thank God for Deedee's navigation with her psychic ability, or we'd probably be stuck down til this day.  Maybe this is why the mysterious powers included within the confines of the maze have never been unearthed.  Either way, we are happy to bring you this exclusive piece with powerful ability!  Enjoy!