Tears of Atlantis
Tears of Atlantis

Tears of Atlantis

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From time to time we are required to astral travel when pieces are provided to us.  We do this to make sure that the powers in the pieces that we are listing are legitimate and also so we can provide adequate instructions for the usage of the items.  This is why we were testing this piece in the first place.  Granted, this particular piece had been given to us by Raviniska, but even so different powers react differently with different people.  I can say usually the pieces that Raviniska gives us are spot on.  I think this only ever the second one that needed to be kept for further investigation, but it is fine because the result of the unexpected glitch in power of the piece we were testing was just a liaison for an even more spectacular piece.  

We were testing a piece that was going to take us to the capstone of the Great Pyramids of Giza.  Once we were there this piece was going to give an awakening of Egyptian magic.  Well, it did take us to the capstones, but no sooner were we there then we were sucked from our place at the capstone through a dimensional rift.  If I'm being 100% honest, I have to say that this experience was both pretty cool and pretty scary as well.  As we were being pull through the rift, time circled around us.  We could see ages of times swirling past us as if they were actually taking place.  It all happened so fast and the ages of time just kept coming and coming.  We began to think that maybe we were pulled into some sort of black hole from which we'd never escape.  We began to come with ideas of how we were going to pull ourselves out of the black hole, when it all of a sudden stopped.  

When the time swirling stopped, everything stood still.  We found ourselves amongst a completely dark chamber with the only light emanating from these little purplish orbs.  I call them purple, but they could be more of a blue color, because I'm color blind.  Either way, these orbs were electric in color and the were floating all around us, lighting up the room like fireworks on the 4th of July.  It was a very incredible, yet "What the heck??!!" moment at the same time.  The orbs seemed to drift in one general direction, so we thought that maybe if we traveled in the direction from which they were coming, we'd find some answers-- and answers we found.  There in the center of the "room" as I called it, was this giant eye.  It was wholly three-dimensional, and anatomically correct in accordance to what you would consider an eye should be.  

So, here I was in this dark room.  I had no idea what was going on.  I had no idea where I was.  There was a giant eyeball crying floating orbs of light and we had no idea how the heck we were getting back to where we can from.  What was there to do?  Without really giving second thought to what the consequences would be, I reached out for one of the orbs.  When I did, my mind was taken to a new, fresh place.  There were pyramids everywhere with eyes such as the one I saw looking out over creation; however, creation wasn't the same as what it is here on Earth.  The trees were much greener and odder shaped, and you could practically feel the radiating powers of the pyramids with their eyes staring in all directions at once.  It was the all seeing eyes and it took a little while to figure it out, but they were the pyramids of Atlantis.  I would go on in detail about what Atlantis looks, but that would ruin the surprise for you.

What I can tell you is that it wasn't soon after we discovered the powers in the light orbs before the original piece that we had received was sucking through the time rift and we found ourselves back, safe and sound, where we began.  The strangest thing happened though.  The light orb that I was holding in my hand came back with me.  It was no longer in the form of light, but rather in the form of this purplish-blue ball that you see listed with this description.  We had the necklace made to encase it, but the power of this piece comes from the ball.   This ball is one of the original light orbs from wherever we encountered that eye that cried them.  I'm going to assumed it was the center one of the Atlantis Pyramid, but I can't say for sure. Honestly, I don't care, because I know how powerful this piece is.  

When you wear this piece, it allows you to meditate.  Relax yourself, allow your mind to drift.  Soon you will find that the energy in this piece encompasses your body, as your astral form slowly drifts away to the realms of Atlantis, even as they exist today in their undisclosed location. When you are there, you will receive a fully spiritual transformation that will give you your true Atlantis form that you will exist in when you use this piece.  Accordingly, you will receive all the knowledge of Atlantis magic and alchemy, all of their spells, all of the knowledge, their ability to supersede time to become immortal, their ability of automatic healing, their ability to shift their form into a new form whenever they want.  You will gain a connection to the mindmap of the Atlantis pyramid, meaning you can look through any of the eyes of the Atlantis pyramids to see anywhere in existence and anywhere in time.  You will be able given a timeless knowledge that gives you a true psychic awakening of not just the third eye, but also the fourth eye, which is far more powerful than the third!  Not many people know about it, but the powers contained within are phenomenal.  This all happened because of an accident with another piece we were testing, but honestly, I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome, because this opportunity is very rare and is definitely a once in a lifetime power.  Obviously we have kept the other piece for further testing.  Don't delay!!  This piece is sold on a first come first served basis and you don't want to miss our on this one!