Threefold Wrath of Aphrodite

Threefold Wrath of Aphrodite

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They say that the point of life is to love and to be loved.  Well, we've all been down that road before.  You can spend so much time and energy on one person and then realize that it was all in vane.  Or even worse, you give yourself over to the person who you think has your best interest in mind and they screw you over in one way or another, mostly via extra-marital affairs with the babysitter or someother skank who knows that you are married, but doesn't really care.  This happens all to often in today's society, which is why we have developed this piece.  

We have made this piece with a summoning ritual that calls upon the goddess of love, Aphrodite.  The Greek had a weird way of explaining gods and goddesses, whereby they symbolized energies that actually exist on the face of Earth, via humanoid gods that they created to tell a story.   You really have to read between the lines when you are studying the ancient Greeks or when you are using their magic or summoning their gods and goddesses.   I mean, it's much more interesting to think that there is some valiant goddess fighting for you than to simply say, "umm, there's this energy and it's in charge of love and it exists somewhere out there along the cosmos... and ummm... yeah there it is."  This is why so many religions use colorful stories and venerate gods and goddesses that are more tangible and relatable than energies in their raw form.  After all, gods and goddesses are only what we let them be.  

Okay, so on with the power that has been set in this piece, which is a sterling silver wrapped stone, which I believe is a blue crazy lace agate.  Either way, whatever the stone is, it is authentic.  Like I said, I'm fairly certain that's what this stone is called.  The power in the heart pendant is called the Wrath of Aphrodite.  This is for several reason and they are the abilities that you get when you wear this piece.  

The first way this piece will work for you is that when you wear it, you will gain a mental cognizance and ability to read the mind of other.  This way, when you are engagin in romantic affairs, you will be able to read the intentions of others.  Hey, sometimes you need a littl booty call and I get that, but when you are in it to win and love is what you want, this piece will give you the psychic ability to read the mind of the person whom you wish to spark a relationship with, to see if they are really about it.  Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, but this piece will help you determine that.  


This piece will keep the fire and the passion in the relationship.  It will keep both parties engaged, it will put you both under the spell of love and lust for one another.  It will give you a sexual drive and passionate desire for your partner and will help both of you perform longer and better each time you engage in a sexual encounter.  It will make every day feel like the honey mood period and assure that you and your partner will not become disinterested in one another.  


Finally, this piece will seek redemption on those who have hurt you.  Perhaps, you really hold a grudge against somebody who has hurt you in the past.  Maybe you forget to you use your piece or your human emotion takes over and you find yourself swindled by someone you really think might fall for you, but they don't and they burn you in the process.  This piece will seek retribution and revenge by inevitably souring their romantic life.  Dont be discouraged either, because the number one face that a person who is unhappy with their life puts on is a happy one.  So, while that ex partner that has left you depressed and alone might seem like he or she is all smiles, I assure you, the power of revenge is silently at work and is either in the process or plotting the perfect plan!!