Ancient Celtic Bloodline of Luck, Wealth, and Sorcery
Ancient Celtic Bloodline of Luck, Wealth, and Sorcery

Ancient Celtic Bloodline of Luck, Wealth, and Sorcery

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I can't really say that this piece came from an investigation, because we weren't there to investigate ourselves.  Rather, this piece is afforded to us by an inside source that we had on an investigation by a team of German archaeologists that unearthed a very archaic structure in the heartland of the Danube River.  What was found was an ancient burial chamber, some 2600 years old and that's considering that we aren't already really past the time that we think it is.  We all know the in the medieval times the Catholics liked to screw with out time and our calendar.  The point is that this grave is old.

As headway began being made on the unearthing of the tomb, it came to pass that a young Celtic princess was found in the tomb.  It was known at once that she was of royalty, given the amount of riches she was found buried with.  They included amber and gold jewelry along with a host of other precious metals and gems.  We contacted our source as soon as we learned about the breaking development and he began working on getting this piece together for us.  We sent him the piece, as we figured it would be perfect for a piece like this one.  It clearly has "Irish" written all over it and you can tell this by looking at it. 

Our source was remitted back into the confines of the discovery after hours, mostly because he was one of the charge scientists in charge of the digging.  He was successfully able to reanimate the young princess using an alchemy spell that we had given him, but she only appeared in her soul form, as her body remained lifeless.  During this process, it was learned that the princess was actually part of druid bloodline and at a young age, she became obsessed with material wealth.  Given the magic in her bloodline she summoned a leprechaun to give her wealth power and to conjure all the wealth that he possibly on her behalf.  When I say leprechaun, I'm talking about the form that they used to take-- the spirit form leprechaun-- before they came associated with midget men in green, long beards, and rainbow with pots of gold.  I'm talking about a pure form wealth spirit.

The leprechaun eventually became the companion spirit of the Celtic Princess, giving her all the wealth she has ever wanted, until it was her time to go, of course.  When she was conjure into this piece, so was he.  With this piece you get a dual conjuring of wealth and luck.  The first is that you get the princess who holds her own wealth powers from through the years.  The second is that you also get her companion spirit-- the spirit form leprechaun, who is the spiritual embodiment of wealth.  So in essence you will be getting double the wealth of a normal wealth item.  It will begin pouring in from all venues.  You will suddenly find yourself surrounded by everything that you've ever wanted-- money, fame, fortune, jewelry, fast cars, riches, etc.  This piece will literally bring you every different kind of wealth there is to be had.  The Princess has a voracious appetite for wealth and she is going to live this fantasy out through your mortal life!  

Update:  A little bit more about the princess, herself.  Her name is Genevieve and like I've said before, her entity is thousands of years old.  When you are using this piece, you don't even necessarily have to conjure her, as she is now living in this piece.  After you have been wearing this piece for a long enough time and you have bonded with the powers that are in this piece, she will show herself to you,in full form.  She is a beautiful princess that wears satin robes, has dark hair, and very fair skin.  Her bloodline has been royalty since the beginning of time, before there was even royalty, per se.  Her contemporaries included the First formal king of Ireland King Henry the VIII , but many of the Lordships before that.  More recently her bloodline has included the likes of the Kennedys and investor John Dorrance.  We only know this because of a spiritual connection we held with the princess who showed up all there ever was to know about her existence.  Enjoy the wealth and luck!!  

Being as though this princess was very motivated by magic, she was also a Druidic Priestess.  This means that in addition to the wealth and luck that this piece is already bringing you will also gain the priness' sorcery.  This includes but is not limited to shape-shifitng, elemental power sourcing, the ability birth spirits, the ability to perform white light healing, the ability to cast spells, curses, and charms, the opening of all your psychic faculties, the ability to see into the future and the past, and the ability of bi-location, where you can exist in two places at once.  Again, this is a very powerful piece.