Horn of the Orient; A Piece of Many Magics
Horn of the Orient; A Piece of Many Magics
Horn of the Orient; A Piece of Many Magics

Horn of the Orient; A Piece of Many Magics

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When you think of animals associated with magic, there are many that may come to mind-- owls, cats, goats, etc.  If I had to guess, I would wager to say that the first animal that came to your mind was not a rhinoceros.  This is because the value that the ancient Orient placed on the magic that could be extracted from a rhino, specifically its horn, has silently slipped by.  I guess somewhere between all the legends of dragons and monkeys the rhino has been silently pushed to the back burner.  This is kind of a shame, considering all of the magic that one can get from using a rhino.  Each organism, whether living or not, emits its own type of energy.  Well, actually all things are living despite what modern science tells us, but that is for another story.  These energies from each organism can be used in the creation of magic.  Just like each human has their own magic powers buried deep within their DNA, so does the rhino.  
This piece was secured on our behalf, by Adita.  You may have thought she silently slipped by as well, but I assure you, she is still working on certain investigations for us.  They are the ones in the Far East that we can't get to easily, because we are always so busy dealing with the investigations that are going on in our own hemisphere.  That's just how it works, I supposed.  Either way, she is quite determined when it comes to working these investigations and managed to confiscated this piece from a monastery in Northern China, where there honestly isn't much to brag about.  I mean, the scenery is beautiful, but that is about as far as the story goes.  The monastery was one built in the middle ages and hasn't really been kept up, according to Adita.  It has been abandoned, save for a group of mages, some of the immortal, some of them very young, who practice their magic in the confines of the ruins, for the sake of their magic not being found out and taken from them.  
Adita was successfully able to infiltrate the ranks of the mages by using a piece that we gave to her that gave her a little bit of power.  You don't want to go in there with too much power, because they will no something is up.  Show them a little bit of power and they will take interest in you.  So, Adita stayed with them for several months learning their art of magic.  This is how she eventually managed to secure this piece or us.  Once she did, she slipped away from the group and sent us the piece immediately.  
The piece that she sent to us is beautifully ornate with depictions of rhino in the wild.  The pendant itself has been shaped to resemble the actual horn or a rhino, but definitely is not made out of the keratin of this animal.  It has been made with the spiritual and metaphysical properties of the rhino horn, which has long exhibited a magic of its own.  This piece has been used in many rituals and other metaphysical ceremonies.  Adita has witnessed it and tells us that it is very powerful.  After testing the piece we, too, confirm that the powers that this piece emits are very strong and will make a difference in the life of any magician, whether you are using it in a ritual or just wearing it as a necklace
In accordance with ancient knowledge, this piece can be worn for healing.  I'm talking about spiritual healing and purification.  Once your spirit is whole again, this promotes healing of physical ailments you may have.  In ancient times, the rhino's horn was used to treat all kinds of ailments from the common cold to headaches to mental disorders and more.  This is because of the spiritual properties of the horn.  You can't be whole physically if you are pure spiritually.   This is why this piece provides you will a spiritual cleansing and rebirth.  Improved physical health will be sure to follow, regardless of your situation.  
In accordance with the spiritual rebirth this piece is providing you with, you will also gain full psychic awakening and faculties of the mind.  This will give you powers over telekinesis and all metaphysical properties associated with psychic powers including the ability to see the future, the ability read and control the minds of others, the ability to bi-locate, and a host of others.  
This piece will also allow for the purification and healing of others' spiritual properties and state of being.  In ancient Greece,the horn of the rhino was known for its ability to purify water.  Thus, you will be able to purify others for their benefits, to provide them with the same purification that you have been given yourself.
The powers in this piece will allow you to astral travel, as it promotes the elevation of the mind.  When you meditate with the piece, you will find that it lifts your mind to such a level that you are actually able to leave your body and travel freely in your astral form among realms that you probably never even knew existed.  There are no limits on the way you use this piece for astral travel.  You can literally travel to any part of existence you want while you are out of your boy and the fact that you are using this piece to do it assures you that your physical vessel will remain fully protected while you are out going about your business.
Finally, the rhino horn has knowingly been an aphrodisiac for many upon many of years.  In old days they used to grind the horn up into a fine powder to take with water.  This would improve your sexual appetite, desire, drive, stamina, endurance, and performance.  This works in the same way, except you don't have to drink anything.  Just allow the horn to touch your body directly on the skin.  You will feel the energy that is transmitted from the horn tingly on you like a cooling sensation.  Wear this piece while you are actually doing the deed.  I guarantee it will be the best sex that you've ever had in your mortal life, allowing both partners to experience multiple astral orgasms.  They are the best kind, where your whole body orgasms rather than just the normal parts.  It's a very awesome feeling that I'm sure neither you nor your partner(s) will not want to miss out on.