Daughters of Mab

Daughters of Mab

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Honestly, this piece doesn't really need to have a super long description, because there really isn't that much to say about it.  Yes, it boasts a very powerful punch.  In fact, it holds a trio of white light powers which, if your into stuff like that, is probably exactly what you've been looking for.  They are innocent white light powers that hold absolutely no repercussion, because they are done off the white light magic of the three sprites that inhabit the piece.  They are as light and refreshing as this piece looks with its shimmering gold tone and flashing pink stones.  

I have told you before that in medieval times were the times for enlightenment.  That is why, for most countries, it was during these times that the Renaissance occurred.  It was a period of enlightened thinking, and for many magic.  Despite the fact that the magic part was looked down upon, the magic remained a crucial part of the Renaissance.  Honestly, I'm don't know some people took such an opposition to the magic that was developed during the times.  They thought that it was automatically evil, because magic was thought of as being from the devil.  However, had they gone into it with an open-mind, they would realize that God gives those that are good to Him gifts.  Some of these gifts are in the form of Divine Magic.  Such is the case with this piece.  There is nothing evil about it at all.  It is a piece budding with white light.  

My point in telling you this is that many powers and magic were hidden into the works of famous people such a Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and many different types of artists, music composers and authors.  This included the likes of William Shakespeare who, in my opinionis one of the best authors in history.  He wrote his plays in such a way that the people who could read them and interpret them for what the words were worth, would end up having a plethora of magic after reading his plays. poetry, and short stories.  The same way Michelangelo embedded cryptic messages in his artwork , so did Shakespeare.  In fact, Shakespeare wasn't even one person.  Rather they were a group of mages who wrote under one common pen name.  They used their works to convey magic by including, in their texts, secret messages and codices to magic.  This is how this piece that you are seeing was made.  

This piece is fairly new, but the power that has been placed into comes from the times of Shakespeare.  It was a spell that was written into one of his/their most famous works, Romeo and Juliet.  It summons the fairy queen, whose name is Mab.  You can read about her, she is written about in several of Shakespeare's works.  In Midsummer Night's Dream, she is referred to as Titania.  Don't be confused, they are one in the same.  This spell was materialized for us and set into this piece by a wizard that we hold contact with who was actually around during those times, as he is an immortal.  He knew the Shakespeare group of mages and knew what they were up to.  Whether or not he was part of this group is open for speculation.  He never ascertained that he was part of the group, but I don't think he ever would, anyhow.  These people were were sworn to some pretty serious silence.  

The point is that this piece summons the presence of Mab, the Fairy Queen.  She sends to the person who owns this piece, three of her daughters.  This trio of daughters bring with them a trio of powers.  They are listed below.  

1.)  Love-- Who doesn't want this?  Is has been said that the point to living is to love and be loved.  This piece goes above and beyond to make sure that the love you are obtaining is true love.  If there is no truth in your love, there is no point to your love.  People will try to get quick ones over on your whether they are using you for sex or resource.  This piece allows you to know the intentions of those you you engage in romanticism with, that way you will never be hurt or taken advantage of.  Moreover, it will help you find that one person who will be your true soul-mate!

2.)  Wealth-- this is kind of self-explanatory.  This will bring you powers that will go before you and pull you in wealth powers from throughout the realms.  It will bring this wealth to you in many forms, from monetary gains to winnings at the casino, to winning the lottery and unexpected inheritance. 

3.)  Psychic Awakening--  The final daughter of the trio will bring you psychic awakening.  This means you will receive a mental awakening and opening of the third eye.  This will give you such abilities as being able see into the future, receive visions, see into people's dreams, see the thoughts of others, control the thoughts of others, the ability to source white light magic, etc. 


The piece you get is a designed wire pin with gems set into it.  The wire depicts three adjoining clovers, which signifies the three fairies and three powers you will be getting with this piece!!