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Voodoo Broach

This broach belonged to Tituba, a woman accused of being a witch during the Salem witch trials. She was fluent in voodoo
and when she was under suspicion she embedded powers and strengths into each stone in this broach. She turned this broach
into a gris-gris.

A gris-gris can be used to cause certain events to occur (good or bad); also used for protection from evil or to ensure
good luck. Though most people think of sticking pins in the voodoo dolls to invoke some kind of curse on a person, many
practitioners say the central aspect of voodoo is healing people from illness. They insist such healing activities probably
constitute up to sixty percent of all voodoo activity.

Tituba was able to heal those who were dying, as well as possess spirits to gain knowledge and have and had the knowledge of black and sexual magic. When she feared for her life she put the abilities into her beloved broach. There are 15 stones in this piece and if you follow voodooism and understand the strengths and teachings, Tituba will unlock these powers for you to use

~ This piece is gorgeous, valuable and exceptionally powerful.

You will gain strength, knowledge, amazing orgasms, healing powers and respect when you wear this broach!