Jennet Boyd's CONNECTION/F*

Jennet Boyd's CONNECTION/F*

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In 1848, Jennet Boyd, started to show signs of being inhibited by a spirit. She was being used as a medium for spirits to get their messages back to this world. The spirits would move her hands and touch letters of the alphabet to get their messages across. It was similar to the old Ouija board.

Neighbors flocked to see Jennet be inhabited and were intrigued to see if anyone that they knew would come through. People started to bring pieces of jewelry and photographs to see if that would help bring the spirit of their loved ones through to Jennet.

A man named John was astonished when he brought a bracelet of his grandmothers to the Boyd home and was visited by her spirit. His grandmother raised him and he never got to say goodbye when she passed. He was working on a farm in a neighboring town when he received the news of her passing; he was distraught and always felt guilt for not being there when she passed.

The bracelet that he brought was worn by his grandmother to worship every Sunday. He thought it might help bring her spirit through, and it did. He was able to learn that his grandmother didn't blame him for the fact that she was alone when she passed and that she was proud of his hard work and devotion. The bracelet remained a cherished piece of John's until his death in 1908. He willed the bracelet to his niece, Julia, who passed it along to her daughter. Barbara, Julia's daughter, gave this piece to Vera. Vera loves the bracelet, but feels that the power in the piece can help someone, so she has decided to sell it.

Vera knew there were powers in the bracelet and we had a séance to see what we were dealing with. We discovered that the power felt, is the spirit of John. He embodies this piece to bring encouragement and skills of sensibility to the person who wears it. He lived the rest of his days after his experience with his grandmother’s spirit with his head high, working hard to be a great man.

After learning from the spirit encounter that his grandmother was proud, of his hard work, Frankie worked even harder. He wanted to remain strong, sensible, and pure. He loved that his encounter changed his life, so he decided he wanted to carry on after his death in the piece to help others the same way.

With the way the economy has been, and people having lost their jobs, anxiety and depression have encompassed even more people. This bracelet will bless you with natural energies that will enable you to not need anxiety or depression medications! You will gain the hard working spirit that will shine during a job interview; you will gain strength to carry on and find guidance to a new path where you will be worry free~

This bracelet is a very beneficial piece that will help its owner advance and be happy! The way this piece worked for us is through time. You set the time and say the date so that you may contact a spirit of your choice. This can be worn as a bracelet and still has the original mourning strap on it. When looking through the files the dates were a little hard to read so we had to take a guess on them. The watch bracelet itself is an antique so we think these dates are correct. We do not suggest that you use this piece for any medical problem you may have. If you are depressed,please see a shrink so you may get shrunk as needed. Were serious on this. We have tested it for paranormal ability and found that it can do a lot but we have not used it for depression.