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This is a MUST HAVE item for all men and women that have a problem meeting and attracting a sexual partner or long term relationship. If you have a problem talking or staying in a relationship this is IT!!!!! This item has been infused with distilled pheromones! To those unaware of their effect and origin, pheromones are the scentless chemical trail that men and women excrete through their pores to attract the opposite sex. Studies have shown that exposure to an individuals personal pheromones, especially in high potencies, will attract members of the opposite sex in almost every scenario. Even if you already have the love of you're life but feel you may have lost that spark, this item will reignite the flame and have your partner genuinely interested in you again!

This is not only the real pheromones but also we added a little more kick to it for extra,not like you would need it but we wanted to be sure.

You may ask what would make a shy person talk but you would if they were so turned on by you they came up to you and kept talking. You would have to say something. This does not change your personality,it makes you a horny toad. While it is doing that to you it is also working on other people too.

To use this piece you would take it out of it's jar and place it on your skin. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS. It is better to place on a pulse point or for the women to place on in their bra or between the ta-ta's. You may also place on the neck.

What is different about this item then others that make these claims is if you read about perfume they are selling it is from animals,this is NOT! You are no animal! You may want to be one in the bedroom but you don't have fur. This concept is insane. Do I look like I want to have sex with a horse? Okay Dee don't answer that one.

If you wore that perfume and went to a farm sure,it's going to work and the barn yard is chasing you down. This is HUMAN pheromone,a HUGE difference.

The scent is of orgasm and sex because that is scientifically what turns a person on unless they have a bad crotch scent.

These were made during multiple orgasms and you will enjoy them too. Do not wear at home because you will just be doing yourself. Wear them to work,school,parties or anywhere else you can encounter a potential date/sex source.

You will get as many in a jar as we can produce orgasms for. You will like them. These are like nothing ever sold before. Do not miss them. I swear you will be giving rave reviews on these things. Heck I may never make another sale again because you will all be busy having sex.

There is no picture but you will be getting them in a vial or glass bottle.