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I was on vacation last summer and saw a sign for an estate sale at an old run down house. The house was close by where I was staying, so I was excited to go see what items would be up for sale. DeeDee was coming down for a few days, so I called to tell her that we had to check out the auction at the old house.

We went early so we could view the estate.... we immediately were drawn to a ring that was showcased in a display in the living room. DeeDee and I both have visions, and we were captivated by the mystical world that was coming through this elusive piece.

This piece is mesmerizing and hypnotic; it will take you into a forest filled with dragons.

Dragons are known for their unusually sharp vision in the physical, intellectual and psychic realms. They are known to be prophets; riddlers; and guardians of temples. They have powers to bring you to paradises, and bring you magic and hidden treasures.

Siegfried battled a dragon for immortality and Hercules confronted one for the golden apples of great happiness. Sometimes the key to the entrance of these hidden places is the hero's own sword, dripping with the dragon's blood.

From these legends, the dragon gains a reputation for strength, vigilance, wisdom, jealousy, and miserliness. Vikings had dragon figureheads on the prow of their ships. The dragons on the ships were believed to endow keen site and cunning to the Viking warriors.

In both Eastern and Western cultures, the dragon is the symbol of things, attitudes, or habits which although difficult to resist must be overthrown. The Japanese Buddhist, Fudo-Myoo overthrew blindness and ignorance symbolized by the dragon.

This ring will allow you to travel to their secret dimension of power. Using this piece to enter the forest will heighten your intellect and psychic abilities. These are not dragons that will harm you, they will help you.

Power emanates from the ring... it will bring you good luck and fortune. The magic and hidden treasures will be endowed to you once you experience the realm of the forest. As the bearer of the ring you will empower the seat of the throne within the land. The dragons love to use their abilities to bring happiness to their leader; which is the bearer of this piece, because only you will be able to enter their secret forest.


Flamie has been writing some of these up for me so I want to add a little more to the description of this piece. This is a Sarah Coventry ring and it is simply gorgeous! It is in such great condition it appears as if no one has worn it. It holds flashes of brilliant color and will do well with even those that have no psychic ability what so ever. Wearing the ring will give you all the ability and power that a multitude of various dragons possess. Usually I personally am not excited by dragon pieces, it's just not my thing but with this, I'm impressed. There is one very good Dragon of Fortune in this piece along with many others. The one of Vision is also great!

They seem to be coming from various places and are even different types. You will treasure this piece.

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