Abducted and Marked

Abducted and Marked

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Abducted and Marked -

Back in 2006, Steve and I were driving home to Lebanon, Pennsylvania from New Jersey late one night on a back road. We caught sight of something with bright lights on it in the middle of a cow field on the left side of the road. Steve stopped the car suddenly in the middle of the road and looked at me.

He said, "Did you see that?"

And I said, "Did you see that?"

"Yeah," he said. "What the f--k is that?"

"I don't know!" I said.

He backed the car up and we both sat there staring at an elongated object sitting in the cow pasture, raised on some kind of landing gear, which we couldn't see. There were variously colored lights along its sides in intervals. The lights were steady, not blinking: red, yellow and, I think, green.

After a moment I said to Steve, "I'm going see what that is."

"No you ain't!" he said, and he took off and started accelerating toward home. Looking behind us, that thing was following us! It had a glowing red light beneath it and it seemed to glide behind us over the road.

It was as if it was holding behind us, following us. We freaked out and Steve kept driving as fast as he could. I kept looking behind us and it looked like it was gaining. But after some nervous time (seconds or minutes, I ain't sure) it fell back and disappeared.

And as only our luck would have it, we were low on gas and since we were on a back road had no sign of a gas station around, and it was the least of our worries!

As Steve tried to stay calm and drive the object got closer and closer. There were no sounds emitted from the flying craft... and after about 10 more minutes of driving we were putting along -- the car came to a rolling stop and we just looked at one another; we were screwed.

The whole car became absorbed in a bright light and before we knew it we were tunneled into a room that was sterile and bright.

We were abducted by extraterrestrial creatures ~ I was testing a protection piece for work, so I was not integrated with the effects -- but poor Steve was!

I went along with everything they tried to do to us, because they had no idea I wasn't under their spell. I was witness to many odd, creepy and disgusting portrayals --- and realized that the beings were trying to infuse us with their encryption of control.

After what seemed like eternity, we were set back into Steve's car, and we now had gas again!? Steve had no recollection of the experience --- thank God for my protection piece; that is the only realization that I know what we experienced was true!

They placed a small chip in the back of our hairlines --- the implication of shock waves did not do anything to me, but Steve's soul was flooded with intense flutters of shocking proportion. I needed to get him help --- he was weak and distraught.

I drove him to the hospital and told them about the chips that were placed in our heads -- they looked at me like I was crazy, I really think they thought we were on drugs. They could not find anything on the hairline... so they did an MRI and could see a foreign object in both of our heads, in the same place.

The surgery to remove them would be extremely dangerous and because of the location of the chip they preferred to not take the chance --- they said it didn't seem life threatening to have the object there.

I called Deedee while we were in the hospital and when she arrived she said that she knew of a way to deactivate the control chip that was active in Steve's head.

We had to travel to West Virginia, where in the backwoods we met a Shaman who used magic to cure and end the bond of control from the beings. The power was summonsed into the item you see below.

This vessel was an empty portal that the Shaman had and he tethered the attributes of the piece to work for someone who has a desire to connect with aliens.

After bonding with this piece you will be enriched with the energies that were placed in Steve, although you will not be branded, or endangered by a chip!

The piece will grant you the abilities to control spiritual aspects because you can travel into the realm of outer space, and the barrier connects with the Heavens. You will be able to morph into an extraterrestrial and learn the secrets of their world.

The powers were meant for Steve to become a pawn in which they could revel their ways upon the Earth, however, since the power was taken and refuted into a different vessel, the abilities are now controlled by the person who adorns this item!

You will be a respected and honored member of their clan and can be a God like mentor to control what happens in the future with the emergence of humans and aliens. The connection is coming and we would love for someone with a passion to take control and help make the transition work well --- so we are not overtaken with changes that are harmful to our society.

If you have an interest in our counter parts in space and desire amazing power, than this is the piece for you!!