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Answers in the Shadows --

Many people shy away from dark magic items, however we have a piece of darkness that holds an aspect of divinity.

This item was discovered in the Florida Keys while we were on a swamp tour. There were a variety of bubbles that kept exuding from beneath the water. We were stopped to feed a gator when the bubbles caught my eye.

I at first assumed it was another gator, so I pointed the bubbles out to Deedee to show her that there was another gator to see --- but she immediately knew that they weren't bubbles from a breathing creature.

Her eyes got really big and she asked the tour guide if we could move South a bit; we then slowly moved and Deedee used a spear they had on board to explore the bubbly area.

What she discovered was a blackened bulb that looked like a root. She pulled it into the boat; it was smoking and oozing green goo.

I thought it was some kind of animal cooped inside of itself --- there was a bad odor, but Deedee said she wanted to keep it as a souvenir and we continued with our tour.

I knew there was more to it than what she led on. She placed it in a baggie she had in her purse and let it be.

Once we were back to shore and off the boat I immediately started questioning her about the thing she fished out of the water.

She said that what I saw were summoner bubbles that prosper when someone calls upon a demon.

We got back to the hotel and she took the thing out of her bag and through the baggie on the ground. She then stepped on it and it cracked open; inside was a really cool piece.

This piece holds powers of demonancy.

With this you use divination to call upon demons who will reveal the truth of a matter or future event. This is done by summoning spirits using occult magic, or an oracle.

Demons are reputedly perverse, so the accuracy of any predictions made is thought to be unreliable. Some demons are believed to be hard to control and, if they are able to free themselves from the constraints put on them, they can take over the body and soul of the summoner.

This item has been spell cast with a protection ritual so you can call forth demons without fear of eternal conviction.

With this unique item you can use the demonancy to pull forth those who were damned, but who are sorry about their sins. You will be able to trust their predictions because they are trying to prove they have learned their lessons; this occurs do to the ritual placed on the item.

A demon that would want to harm you would not come forth because they know you are protected due to the sensational vibrations that occur in the conjuring.

This is a cool piece for those who have always wanted to dabble in the darkness but were fearful of the potential harm!

If you like dark magic and want the extreme power you can purchase this and request for the spell to be taken off before you receive it!