The Third Secret of Fatima

The Third Secret of Fatima

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The Third Secret of Fatima

The three secrets of Fatima are said to be three prophecies that were given to three poor shepherd children in Portugal in the year 1917 between the months of May and October. The children in question are Lucia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto. The prophecies were given to the children by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself, who appeared to the children while they were watching their flock by day. The occurrence has since been known as Our Lady of Fatima and I’m sure you are all well aware.

As the Marian apparitions took place, Lucia receive three distinct prophecies. The first two were shared with the masses and became well-known indoctrinations of the Catholic Religion. As for the third one? Well, Lucia was told that she must keep this one a secret. This one was for her own comprehension, alone. However, in a terrible twist of events, Lucia was ordered by the Bishop of Leiria to write down her accounts and present them to the Pope in person. (Dear Roman Catholic Papacy: Some things are better left unsettled. You think you’d learn your lesson by now.)

The Pope, in turn, released statements as to the meanings of the Third Prophecy of Fatima. The first two were crystal clear. This leads to confusion as to why the third prophecy needed a team of experts to dissect it. According to one priest, from Fatima, who saw the prophecy for himself, the Pope has no clue what to make of the prophecy. Hence, he commissioned a bunch of officials to pronounce what the Catholic poor wanted to hear and that is what was delivered. The true meaning of the Third Prophecy of Fatima, has yet to be clearly relayed to lower crust Catholics, because it wasn’t discovered until recently.

Yes, that’s right, I said recently. Recent interest in the original Fatima text has sparked Pope Benedict XVI to commission a newer, fresher look into the Prophecies given at Fatima. Only this time, the project was to remain hush-hush. Well as I’m sure you all know by now, we have correspondence with the most remote groups of individuals and the Vatican is surely no exception.

We were first alerted by an insider we keep tabs on, who works in the Vatican. He let us know what was going on and how is was to proceed. He kept an eye on things and the first chance he had, he sent us the piece that you see below. He said he wasn’t quite sure what the piece was for, or how it worked. He simply sent it to us with a note that stated, Secrets of the Third Prophecy of Fatima.

We immediately began working on this piece, and after several months of testing, we have finally released its full potential. The rosary that you see below, resurrects the spirits of the Lady of Fatima. It calls upon her presence for the answers of Third Prophecy. These answers have been covered up by the Roman Catholic Church. Nobody knows why for sure, unless of course, you have the rosary below. This rosary will give the special sanctifications that are necessary for spiritual awareness and comprehension. With that beings said, you will gain the comprehension necessary to crack the case of the Third Prophecy, because this rosary calls upon the Virgin Mary, as she appeared to Lucia Santos in Fatima.

Additionally, this rosary also brings a special, divine white power to you. This power will allow you, among various other abilities, the ability to hold direct communication with the Sacred Virgin. She will bestow upon your pivotal gifts of divination including the ability to receive holy prophecy and doctrine. She will watch over you at all cost, keeping you safe from evil and guiding you along your path. You will receive the piece that you see below.