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I don't think I told you all my Jesus fish recipe. It is good! Here it is.You go and buy Tilapia and you keep it bald, un breaded. I call it Jesus fish because that is what he was feeding everyone when he gave them fish. Spray some non-stick on the pan or use butter then put the Jesus fish on the pan. Then put a tiny bit of butter on each Jesus fish,sprinkle garlic powder and NOT salt all over your Jesus fish.Then sprinkle Old Bay all over them and use a medium hand not light but not heavy amount. Then take concentrated Lime Juice or fresh limes,I use fresh limes and go to town with it all over the Jesus fish. Stick it in the oven at 350 to 400 uncovered for 35 minutes total. Then 20 minutes into it flip them so they are laying in more juice. You don't have to add anything else.This also keeps your naked Jesus Fish moist.

This fish has no bones.Do not over cook it but I like mine like rubber I don't know why I just do but for you guys it will be good with the length of time I gave you.I will also next time give you a recipe for a killer Raspberry Pork roast that even looks to pretty to eat. I don't want to give that to you now because I Jesus was a Jew and he might not want his bald fish recipe with a pork one. If you want to really get into the spirit of Jesus you can eat this on Easter and wear Jesus shoes. I hate to see men wear them it looks dorky but if you want to be realistic you can wear white robes too. Jesus shoes are brown leather sandals that men wear.I prefer men that wear boots because I think that's kinda hot!

My cat has OCD and I think it is rampant in the cat world. He has the cleanest litter around yet he beats on the wall like he has to clean it. He refuses to drink from the water bowl and must have a tub or sink as his fountain. He walks across the floor and then shakes his feet and gives me dirty looks. My house is clean. I don't know what his problem is. He also rips open the food bag like what I put down is not good stuff when it is.I feed him the best cat food you can get.I think he needs a cat shrink or something.

I did see this girl today I knew a long time ago, OMG what a twinkie! She used to work in the bank as a teller and when the men would come through she would check the accounts to see who had money. Then she would flirt to get a date and hope to marry them for money. Well now she hooked one and she hates him and has a man on the side for good sex. The moral of this story is keep your money under the bed and pretend you are poor! This is the same woman who has 5 kids by 5different fathers and she would hide them so no one knew. She told everyone else all about it and if it was me I would not have been proud in any kind of way. I have two and they are both from the same idiot the Deflated Pumpkin Head Private Part Scratcher.

Thank God I had better sense then to marry him.I want to give you all an update on one of my money items. I don't know if it sold yet, let me go look. Hold on a second. Okay it is still running. It is called the worming of my neighbor. Well she is getting over a 100,000,yes no lie and she had to try for it three times and they turned her down. She is a floating air freshener now.

Now onto the auction This is another very curious item. I have a few and they are made to order.All are different spirit entities inside of them yet you can decide what you want them to do. These take about a week to have done along with my normal shipping time. So if you know it takes a week to get something from me then add at least another 5 days to that.

Each item comes from a different spirit that for whatever reason did not move on. I do not have that exact information yet. I will have who they are (names) when they are sent to you. These come from a wizard who granted last wishes to these stay put souls in return for favors in the material world. These are all spirits that are attached to the item for one reason or another.

What your getting is that spirit with the power they had in life and in death along with a magic made just for you to accomplish what it is your seeking. Please don't ask to be a gazillionaire. You would off set the natural balance and it won't work any way,if it did work I would do it myself. To ask to become financially stable with a good amount of breathing room IS acceptable.Asking for powerful abilities is fine, becoming desirable, youthful health and skin, creativity, inventiveness, artistic ability, all these things and many more are possible.

There is not much you can't ask for and you can be specific but to ask for things like killing off the world,or growing two heads is not going to happen. Let your mind go to work and decide what you want. This one is an antique real solid gold and Opal ring. This is a blank Opal. This was owned and worn by a male Protogen. This is a secret society male witch who has proven his powers beyond spells. This male witch could re-animate items,objects and people. His name was Clovaire and he is attached. The ring is a size 11 or 12 I have to go back and ask about this one. You will get him and also what you ask to be placed inside.

This is another made to order item and they do take an extra 5days to do.