Towanda Burial Grounds

Towanda Burial Grounds

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Towanda Burial Grounds

As it stands, Pennsylvania has enough to paranormal activity to fill a never ending book of other worldly pleasures and delights. There have been lots of investigators that have visited the boundaries of the Keystone State, in search of answers and communication from another realm. Pennsylvania boasts a plethora of so-called paranormal research societies. However, most of them have gone mainstream to make a buck. Others are outsiders and don't really know the terrain and the legends. Who better than locals to gather all the details? Why, us, of course. We are the real deal, not sold out for fame, authentic, and local. These are our experiences.

This is a rather interesting find. There isn't much of story behind it, other than the fact that we had to get in our vehicle and drive about three hours to get there. It was no mystery what we were going to encounter when we got there and, in fact, we welcomed it.

Just in case you don't speak fluent Native American, allow me to introduce you to the town, from which, our next piece draws its origins. The name of the town is Towanda, which is Native American for, “Here our great dead are resting.” It is here that ancient burial grounds are located. They stretch from the Susquehanna River nearly to the Towanda Creek.

We entered the town of Towanda in search of Indian burial grounds, and we fulfilled our mission. I just want to say that none of the burial grounds or its natural habitat were disturbed during our investigation. We actually hired a local native to show us around, during which he offered to hold a sacred ritual around a campfire that would conjure the spirits of his ancestors.

During the ritual, we saw many things. We encountered many spirits, and visited many past and future events. The ritual put us into a trance that seemed must have lasted days, but when we came out of it, the moon was still shining high in the sky above us. The total time elapses was merely two hours. It was one of the more breathtaking experiences that I've had to this day.

Now, we were very lucky to find the individual who accompanied us, because a lot of the locals will not let anyone in on their Native secrets, much less perform these rituals in front of outsiders. We had to do a lot of convincing that we wouldn't exploit the sacred Indian spirits before he would even show us around. However, after getting to know us, he even went as far as offering to do a divination ritual in which he cast several Native spirits into the piece that you see below.

These spirits will bind themselves to you. They will allow you to conjure their spirits to take you on a spirit journey that is a replica of the same one we were on during our trance. The elders will come to you and bless you with their powers and their sacred knowledge and magic. With this being said, this piece is one of the most operational Native American pieces that I have personally experienced. I've tested the piece myself, along with several other members of our Haunted Curiosities team. We have all come to the same conclusion.

Remember, Natives are very respectful and expect only positive things to be done with their powers. The Spirit Elder reserve the right to revoke this power at anytime. It is a white light power and should only be used as such.