Jimi Hendrix, you have nothing on Our Purple (and Red!!) Haze

Jimi Hendrix, you have nothing on Our Purple (and Red!!) Haze

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Take this Jimi Hendrix, you have nothing on Our Purple (and Red!!) Haze

As it stands, Pennsylvania has enough to paranormal activity to fill a never ending book of other worldly pleasures and delights. There have been lots of investigators that have visited the boundaries of the Keystone State, in search of answers and communication from another realm. Pennsylvania boasts a plethora of so-called paranormal research societies. However, most of them have gone mainstream to make a buck. Others are outsiders and don't really know the terrain and the legends. Who better than locals to gather all the details? Why, us, of course. We are the real deal, not sold out for fame, authentic, and local. These are our experiences.

This story is a more subtle one for you. It doesn't involve a creep mansion or hooded figure. Rather, it involves a little boy and some fog. However, the power that we have been able to attain from the site of this investigation is just as powerful as the rest. It actually has the potency and ability to open up your mind.

The town is called Kersey, Pennsylvania. If you haven't heard of it, that's understandable, as it is a very small town to the south and west of St Marys, Pennsylvania. In fact, the town is so small it doesn't even show up on the default magnification on Google Maps. You might ask yourself what we were doing perusing about in such an obscure place. The simple answer: I've never seen red fog before and I wanted to.

Okay, so as the locals tell it, at approximately 9:30 in the morning, red and purple haze can be seen emanating from the otherwise still cemetery. You can also hear singing and if you are lucky enough you can catch the glimpse a small child-- a boy-- strolling through the cemetery. Yes, I know-- all this at 9:30 in the morning?? It seemed a bit sketchy to me as well, but let me assure you I am now a believer!!

We set up our investigation in the early, post-dawn hours, thinking that it would be more accomodating and that, perhaps with luck, we would catch some sort of paranormal inkling. We didn't, though. Then, around 9:20, the air became still and the haze rolled in. It thickened the air around us, giving us all sensations of supernatural activity. My hair, at one point in time, was completely at attention.

As the fog crept over us, we indeed heard singing and spotted a young boy who identified himself as Conway and then went about his business. We didn't really know what to make of the scenario, so we held an immediate ritual that would help us summon a spirit that could explain. We were successful, as it wasn't a difficult or dangerous operation at all.

As it was told to us, there is a naturally occurring Crossover in Kersey, which used to actually be called Centerville. It has something to do with the precise hour and a magnetic field that will allow the spirit world to cross over into the physical world and vice versa. We immediately knew what we had to do. We drew powers out of the red and purple haze. We transposed its potency into the piece that you see here.

While this piece will not allow you to cross over into the spiritual domain (it's too risky, we might not get you back), it packs a different kind of powerful punch. This piece will elevate your mind and get it onto the level that will allow you see and communicate with spirits. You will be adorned with the gifts of psychokinetic energy. You will gain telekinesis and psychic ability. Your mediumship will multiply with the help of this piece and will bring you a once in a lifetime opportunity that came from the purple and red haze portal.

I'm not sure if you will see the haze, but trust me... it was pretty cool. You will receive the piece that you see below. It was tested out and is guaranteed to satisfy.