Wormwood Angels ~ RR
Wormwood Angels ~ RR

Wormwood Angels ~ RR

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This is a piece that I really liked and practiced with often. It consists of basically two parts. First it is a cultivator of falun dafa and xinxing, which are systems of energy collection and mind nature. With abundance of these two principles it is said that one can achieve not only enlightenment but also immortality. Second, this also brings the aid of two wormwood angels. They will assist you in raising your awareness and in the cultivation of inner energy. The wormwood angels, contrary to most beliefs, are not dark angels, but fall in with the neutral angels.

The people I received this from are firm believers in the battle against the New World Order and that only by ones inner power can we move the wheel of law, which will crush those who conspire with darkness. All of their pieces are done on something symbolic and meaningful. This one represents the thousand points of light that are to come and a reminder of why you need the power of the falun dafa and xinxing.


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