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If you are anything like me, you do your absolute best to try to keep up with the ongoings of social media.  It's why my friends call me, among other things, a social media whore.  I guess there could be worse things to call somebody, though, so I won't be too upset about it.  Either way, delving into social media can be a good way to find leads to things that are of interest-- especially in our business.  And folks, I'm not just talking about Facebook and Twitter.  I'm talking about some of the more underrated channels on YouTube.  I'm talking about the ones that don't get as many views for whatever reason.  You really have to dig, but there are some things out there.

Honestly, it didn't take much for me to find the following.  In fact, at the time of the claim, this kid's story was ALL OVER youtube.  It was a story about a little Asian boy.  He was supposedly born with cat eyes that allowed him to see in the dark.  He was born with abnormally icy blue eyes, which is an anomaly for Asian people to begin with.  However, his eyes were a strange color blue for even those who genetically prone to blue eyes.  They are kind of almond shape, and I don't mean this in a mean way, but he is Asian.  Genetics dictate that Asian's eyes are differently shaped than those of a Western orientation such as Irish or German.  Supposedly this kid could use his eyesight to see in the dark, just like a cat.  These theories were supposedly proven by giving the kid some math questions, sending him into a dark room and asking him to answer them appropriately.  With that being said, I have to say that I wasn't able to find any real biological studies that backed up any of these theories as to the kid being able to see into the dark. 

Whether or not the Asian child born with blue eyes is a myth, it’s pretty cool, but it's not all that important.  Not when I have concrete proof of a case just like this that occurred a lot closer to home.  In fact, in terms of distance, this person is located right up the street!  She is just outside of Annapolis, MD and thanks to comments in one of the videos I was watching about the Asian child with blue eyes, I have come into contact with a woman I am simply going to call Rachel.  Rachel and I began talking when I became a bit skeptical of the video of the Asian child, simply because they say his eyes shine in the dark.  Yet, in the videos his eyes don't shine in the dark... not even a little bit... not even at all.  However, Rachel contacted me and told me that she's had the same issue with her eyes ever since she can remember.  She was born with the same color icy blue eyes, slightly almond shape for being a Westerner but not much.  Other than that she looked like a perfectly normal chick. 

I arranged for a meeting with Rachel because I wanted to see exactly what was going on with her.  In the meantime, I did some research and it appears that the people who make the claim to have these same powers all have the same icy blue colored eyes.  Honestly, the shapes vary, so I don't think that the shape has anything to do with it; but that color though.  It just kept popping up over and over again.  Maybe Hitler knew something we didn't know when he was creating the perfect Aryan race.  After all, his protocol for the perfect race-- although he himself maintained none of these features-- was blonde hair and blue eyes.  Perhaps there was a reason for this. 

After staying with Rachel for a few days, I was able to run through some tests with her.  I put her into a deep state of hypnosis upon which I was able to pull out the truth.  It was kind of like a past life regression in a way, only it wasn't designed to pull out past lives.  After meeting Rachel I was thoroughly convinced that there was something very special about the girl.  Other than the fact that her eyes were the same chilly blue color, she had an air about her.  She gave off an energy that was very celestial and magical.  The regression that I designed was more to pull out the true nature of her existence, which I was able to do successfully.  The results of my investigation are not what anybody would expect. 

Aside from having feline-like abilities to see in the dark, Rachel's eyes also have the ability to see the star maps that have been written into the heavens by the gods.  She was not aware of this, so when I did the regression, I was able to channel the total energy of her DNA into a piece.  When she came too out her trance I gave the piece to her, in an attempt to help her activate her powers.  Obviously, it was successful.  I don't know how it couldn't have been.  Now, Rachel is embracing her gift and accepting the fact that she was born as a Star Child.  But what exactly does this mean. 

I'm naming the DNA that I saw in Rachel the Star Child DNA, but occurs this is by no means the scientific terminology.  It's befitting, though.  With this special strand of DNA, Rachel is less like a human and more like a god-- or shall we say goddess.  When the people who are born with Star Child DNA actually embrace their powers, they will be able to unlock the secret maps and codes of existence that have been written in the stars.  It has been long understood that the energy in the stars have recorded the happenings of time and have the happenings of the future written in them using a divine code that is only known by the divine beings.  The eyes of the divine are the only that can look upon the stars to unscramble their configuration and be able to interpret what it all means.  The stars are like a billion little pairs of eyes.  They are the watchers in the sky that see everything. 

Long story short, my stay with Rachel was successful.  I was able to help her awaken and develop her Star Child DNA sequence. She has taken a more active role in using her powers to see into the star maps to not only to see into other realms of time and space, but also to use the energy of these stars to develop her own set of unique powers and abilities.  There a billions of star codes written in the star maps of the galaxy.  The only thing one can do is to piece them together to discover what the secret behind each star code means.  In order to do this though, you must have the Star Child DNA inside of you.  If you don't I suppose that is okay too-- as long as you have this spare piece that I made while I was visiting Rachel. 

This piece is going to open up your ow fully functional Star Child DNA.  So, you don't have any Star Child DNA?  Well that's okay, because this piece is going to give you your own Star Child DNA sequence.  It's a phenomenal thing that, as far as I know, only Haunted Curiosities has been able to offer.  I haven't seen this somewhere else.  I have seen places that help unlock existing DNA.  We have take it one step further by allowing this piece to really intermingle and create, within, a Star Child DNA sequence.  Your DNA will be given full awakening.  Then, you will be able to peer into the night sky as if you were a seer.  You will be able to see into the billions of Star Codes.  These codes will allow you to see-- not physically travel-- into the space-time continuum.  You can use this piece to see into any point in time, you just have to find the right Star Code sequence in order to see where you want to see.  The star energy will then bend reality and allow you to see into the time-space period in a form that will really appear like that of a psychic vision.  You will also be able to use this DNA sequence to open up powers and abilities, the secrets to which, have also been hidden in the Codex of the Stars.  Your DNA will allow you to harness the Codex, which will allow you to extract any power that you want or are in need of from the Star Codes that are written in the night sky. 

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